Dance of Masks (3)


Door moved and that slick assistant walked in holding papers in his hands. He elegantly approached the broad wooden table and dropped them in front of me. I heard his steps walk around my chair and stopped at the window that portrayed the theme of a rain forest. He pressed the button on the console and turned it off where image of busy world I was running flashed in his eyes.

– What is this? – I asked looking at the red mark that said “Top Secret”.

– Black ops clearance. We are moving in haste to beat the competition. Our boots are already on the ground, now you sign that… And we are free to go with the Stage One. – he said smiling and observing the flying drones in the air.

– Black Ops, where? – I asked turning my chair around when he froze for a second to think, then he rubbed his eyes and cleared his throat.

– You know that Klavatians are in dispute of land with their neighbouring state of Dadoria. Dadorian Generals are massing their troops at the border, while Klavatians are fighting in a bloody revolution to overthrow the corrupt government we were paying for years. You know that, right? – he gesticulated with his hands, but when I was to say something he continued, – Now. We are washing our hands from those claims and we are taking sides with the Dadoria. Why? Well, they have more power and resources we can use. Starting a war with them can only further close their minds of doing business with us, so we are patting them on the back to get our hands on their foreign policy. If we were to help Dadoria, they would need to repay us with something. We are in business. – he walked posh around the table and spoke like giving a speech, which made me feel wrong in my stomach.

– But Klavatia is our long term ally? We fought the same enemy… Together! – I smacked the table and came staring at the slick bastard that only had laugh for my reasoning.

– Klavatia used it’s purpose. We were funding their opposition too. Why do you think there is a revolution there? Fanatics are so easy to control. – he laughed like he heard a joke, then he gasped – We were betting on them both. Who ever wins, it will keep our interest at the paramount when structuring new rule. Either way, we win. This is just teaching them a lesson and bringing better rates in production. We build it, we destroy it, we build it again… That’s how world works. – smiling jerk leaned on the table and crossed his arms waiting for me to sign the damn papers.

– You’ve sentenced them to die. – I groaned, ready to jump over the table and wrap my hands around his wessel neck.

– No, Mr. President. We are just giving them a new beginning. – he added smoothly walking towards the door.

– I am not signing the damn thing. Millions will die! – I stood up wanting to stop him from exiting, but he bowed his head with shame, then he slightly rose his eyes at me.

– Million of their lives are paying for the future of our country. We are centuries passed from sacrificing our own for the greater good. Now we sacrifice our enemies. – he spoke over his shoulder, but I shouted again.

– But Klavatians are our friends. – I almost begged him not to make me do this and saw it was pointless.

– We have no friends Mr. President. – the door closed, I got back on my seat and grabbed my head, trying not to cry while praying for guidance, while busy traffic of drones and flying cars orderly flew in the clear sky behind me.


Fictional State

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