Dance of Masks (2)


Meeting was supposed to be in her villa. It’s not everyday you meet royalty, so I ordered an elegant suit. Someone from the delegacy brought it neatly packed and I put it on. Standing in front of the mirror, I liked the way I looked, but deep down, I was able to see my soul rotting. Dreams of setting my country straight was more obvious that it will not happen during my reign. My empty stare at the mirror despised the person they saw in it. A so called President was a puppet of the corporative whores that run the country like a virus. You don’t know you are sick until you are dead. If the symptoms ever showed, I was the medieval doctor to calm the patient and blame it all on somebody else, rather providing our country with a cure.

– She is waiting Sir. – one man from my team leaned over the door step while holding the knob, then he nodded and went away when I turned my face drained of life.

I stepped out masked as a jolly leader of the free world known as Mithria and waved at the drones flashing their cameras while reporters stood as holograms beneath the platform. Someone thought it would be nice if we played an ambient sound of the crowd cheering – so the overwhelming noise played in the background. I wonder, do people know how artificial this was?

Photoshoot went smooth and as planned, then the questions came. Crowned Princess replied in calm as royalty supposed to, and I played a deep minded buffoon, spouting encouraging messages to the nation on the other side of the screen. We shook hands, smiling of course, and wend backstage. The whole press room fell to darkness when all of the cameras and lights shut down. Empty. Completely empty. There was no body in the room. It saddened me.

– Please, sit. – blonde Princess showed me the comfy chair and I accepted her offer, – Bring us brandy. – she smiled at the robo-butler and machine hissed toward the table behind me.

I was smiling at her just because she wasn’t taking off that mask we all had when in public. She crossed her legs and I could see she paid a lot of attention to her silky skin that was tanned and tempting. Two open buttons of her white shirt hid mystery of what color was her bra, but if one would stare, it would see she wasn’t wearing any. Her golden saloon shoes were changing color, because that was the latest model with holograms installed in them.

– Is Krein pushing you too hard? – she asked and instantly bursted in laughter, – You’ll get used to it. He does it to all of them. It seems that bastard is immune to death. Many have tried to get rid of him, but failed. Don’t get any ideas that something like that is easy. He even has a mobile plasma shield that protects him from rockets. I’ve seen rebels try and fail at their attempt of killing us all when we were at the International Peace Summit. He took the rebel survivors and made them work ’til death. He is not a fun guy. – she spoke joyful and happily like we were long time acquaintances, which only made me frown in oddness of her words.

– You work for him too? – my question amused her in a unique way because she couldn’t touch her lips together from that idiotic smiling.

– Royalty doesn’t work. – she said emptying the glass dry and requesting another that soon got empty, then the third came and she was already drunk.

I was aware that our royal Princess was an alcoholic, but I didn’t knew how it all begun. It must be the Krein that provoked her to start drinking away her sorrow. I witnessed a several more glasses being lifted, more of her smiles and winks at me, unbuttoning the rest of her shirt and lustful pulling of her tight skirt. It’s not everyday you meet royalty, but I decided that this will be my last.



Blonde Princess

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