Grey clouds over humanity

It was late afternoon when clods huddled over the Atlas mountains in Africa. In contrary of a popular opinion that House of Gods was settled on the Mount Olymp Greece, it was actually more in the Moroccan region, on the opposite side of Europe. Peaks of Atlas were already catching a fluffy white haze when Gods decided it’s about time to have that tea everybody murmured about.

Ares first came at the table and sat on the chair. His beard was neatly gathered in a bun, as that was the ancient and proper way to deal with a manly facial hair he had. Bartender approached the table, a young skinny guy. He wore a uniform with a golden lining, an elegant black bow on his shirt and not scarce amount of oil in his short hair.

– A tea Sir? – boy asked, but Ares waved away in discontent.

– I’ll have wine. – Ares spelled those word like to a child that bartender was, but figuring out that lad wasn’t a retard, he cleared his throat and begun again, – A glass of wine please. – he said and clean shaved boy nodded with a smile before he went to fetch an amfore of finest Greek wine they had in a cellar.

– I’ll have brandy. – Perun said to the boy while his steps got closer to the table, and the boy nodded entering the bar illuminated by the pure rays of Sun, – What about that tea? You were the first one to suggest it, and now “mister Ares” want’s to get his evening dose, am I right? You old fart. – Perun gawked fetching the chair and slowly resting his fragile bones on the seat.

– Look who’s mothering me. You ordered brandy, you rusty goat. – Ares snorted and crossed his arms under his armpits.

– What?! – Mars shouted in disbelief, – I just ordered tea and you guys took alcohol?! Ugh, this will not happen again. Boy! Hey, boy! – he searched for the lad, then he went looking for him.

– Oh, not him again. – Ares whispered in his beard, when Mars turned around.

– You said something? – Mars lifted one of his eyebrows and pouted his lips.

– Now you hear, but when I called you earlier you acted deaf! – Ares shouted over his shoulder, when Mars came closer and leaned over the Ares’s chair.

– I was busy with Venus. – Mars acted insulted while Perun watched what was happening in the world.

– With that old witch? You are so old, you wouldn’t have power to perform. – Ares gloated in anger when Mars jerked back, now completely livid with Ares.

– I am still younger than both of you! – Mars said, when Perun turned in his seat.

– Who are you calling old? You better not be calling me old, you barbarian. – Perun frowned at Mars and started getting his slipper when Mars cleared his throat and grinned leaning over the table.

– Yup. You both are older than fire, and we are all barbarian Gods you dimwits. – whisper was like a blade slicing through the pride of the old Gods of war which all three now started shouting and yelling.

Situation caught heat when Perun started slapping Mars with his shoe and Ares started kicking Mars in his old bum. Boy called the security and young buff men set them apart. Other Gods laughed at the old bickering war Gods, as this was their usual thing to do on mondays. After this fight, they all were forbidden to take any alcohol.


Atlas Mountain

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    • I know that Mars and Venus are planets in our solar system, that Slavs worshiped the Sun and that Ares is equivalent to Mars in some regards. If we are talking about the story, that’s just some things I know about the deities portrayed here. 😀 I followed back, so we can continue this conversation on Twitter, if you want. Thanks for the comment and a read. 😀

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