Rusty heart


Technical glitches now came more often and unexpected. This time, without a warning, my cooling system shut down for an hour. Usually a bump on the plate would set it right in motion, but it failed, so I decided to sit it through. Every day I get a flash that tells me I am old, I am getting rusty, I’ve become useless. How will it all end? Will my brain shut down and reboot with the only memory of me joining the army, leaving me senile? Will my blood pump sprung a leak, or some blood vessel will pop out from it socket? Will I fall and make a dent in the plate so great that it will break and press on my lungs? Whatever happens, it will happen in the silence, in the absence of friends I so shamefully left behind.

Sitting next to the mirror, my hard drive gave me seizures of the past days. Gama 6 goofing around the burning building, laughing at the idea of some deity. Fox 4 electronically humming a song he heard once in the enemy camp while driving a stolen vehicle from the army base across the desert. Delta 9, medical fembot, with her red led lights checking my vitals. Alfa 2 getting blown to pieces by a rocket launcher. High pitch in my head, buzzing, then I saw the window.

I pulled out a photograph from my pocket and gently unfolded it to original size. My family. Patina made colors stirred and uneven like it was painted with a wide brush. Optics could not fix the distortion, not anymore. I might as well be holding a “Pleasure Bar” commercial in my hand, I would not know it, as everything was saturated with blur I couldn’t pixelate. Processor stopped the process of a gasp. I wanted to be a human, to be the enemy we drove off from these lands, but mostly I wanted to shed a tear. Ah, wishful thinking. Friends always called me a dreamer.

I picked up a phone and my muscle memory typed in the one number I’ve found on the Internet. Electronically I cleared my voice to appear resolved and decisive. The tune changed and someone picked up the phone.

– Hello. Heaven Corporation. I would like to make an appointment for the final data upload to your Afterlife system.



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