Black cloth


The lonely tower in an open field, built on a barren hill – stood against the strong winds, heavy rain, and deep snow. It almost never saw the light of the Sun or heard a bird song as there were no trees nor green vegetation to provide shelter for those little things. People from the nearby village never went there – to that tower that nobody knew who raised it.

Children sometimes played hide and seek around it, teen lovers often hid there at night to kiss and tell stories of love, affection and promise their eternal love to each other. Except them, tower received no other visitors, but one lady in her thirties that frequently came by. She needed a key to get inside the tower and there were no other keys like that, just one in the whole world.

As usual, she turned the key and pressed the knob. An old wooden door opened with a screech before she entered and tossed her eyes up. Dreaded dark was lingering above her with just two rays of light coming from the window and a crumbled piece of the wall. Her steps started ringing over the cold stairs as she climbed up to a chamber properly lit from two sides.

There it was, an old loom with a black cloth stretched over the tenterhooks. Her previous work was neatly rolled near the old thing, well covered with spider web and bite marks of hungry rodents that lived in the tower. She sat on the chair and started weaving. The black cloth was the darkest thing in the room, yet it glittered with small particles like little stars were resting inside it. Her pale and drained face from all of the tears she soaked the cloth with was motionless, absent thoughts, absent for everything, but for the black cloth, she stared at. The loom and her skinny, wrinkled hands were very familiar of each other like old friends in the tavern, just this was far more important than sitting at the loom, working for the whole day without pauses.

Nobody said that weaving a universe was an easy thing.



Black cloth

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Hey, this wasn’t that bad for trying out a heavy science fiction… Oh, I see, you wanted some military fiction like always… What’s wrong with you?


Chaos Girls

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