Age of stone men


There were no legend to speak of their arrival, there were no stories spoken of the destruction that ensued, there were no scientist that could explain it. All we knew was that they came with the stars and stars they have brought. A long lightning rod, a weapon of high capacity that could level the army with the sand they claimed their new habitat – we learned not to let them use it.

Instead of fighting them for centuries, we jumped the mistake with another. We set up a border line packed with all the advanced artillery Earth could make and we called it a “Penalty strip”, because who ever approached it, he was punished. It didn’t matter were you American, Russian, Chinese or any other nationality, as long as you choosed to serve the military. Pity we needed a common enemy to end our wars and come together, but better now than never.

I was to accompany the chalk of scientist, geologist and biologist mostly. We wanted to learn from the creatures that made such a great death toll on us, but every contact ended with us getting squashed. As Africa haven’t had wars enough, this was among the greatest. Sahhara seemed as a hospitable place for those rocky faced giants, so they landed their foot there. I couldn’t care less about the endless drought, unbearable heat and sand serpents, but I had a problem with their decision to land on our planet – damn rocky giants.

One day, we learned that the rocks were not the only thing that fell from the sky. There were organic beast from another planet, now hiding in the dunes, waiting for a Humvee packed with meat. I guess we looked like a can of spam to them, maybe sardines,  I don’t know what they liked, but they really enjoyed burying their long claws and ripping through the roof, snucking their teeth in and commiting slaughter.

After I lost my chalk of scientists, I was assigned to another company. We were made hunters on the rocky companions. Scars on my face do tell a story of what I’ve survived. One thing was for sure… This is the age of stone men, and we are about to end it.



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