First impact


Time didn’t matter to us, just mission. Ship entered the outer orbit of a planet that was marked for invasion. Beams of light from the star were intense so much it only pierced the windows in a straight ribbon, a strip that shined above our heads and discouraged us to look at it.

The front hatch of the gunnery position was closed with a transport tube running down through the space – completely open for some rocket to blow it up. It was a serious engineering mistake that nobody paid that much of attention as our ship was to be decommissioned after this invasion.

Metallic steps were approaching me where a slight gasp stopped the noise and a mug of hot tea was passed to me. I lifted my helmet and saw an aureole around the head of Weaponry Foreman Narak. His face was covered with darkness, but somehow I sensed a smile in that shadow.

– We’ll get you to work in a week of travel. – his rusty voice confirmed it was Narak speaking, – We were lucky to be alive. Our bowl took pretty good hit when we unintentionally grazed the surface of asteroid belt. Damn rings slashed us open, but it was some minor part. – he tried to look through the window, but gave up when the light burned his skin, – They won’t see us coming. We are in their blindspot. It will be glorious. Surprise attacks is what we have perfected. – his voice now sounded proud and confident like winning is certain.

– It only works if its percussive. – I dropped in with my note and took a sip from the mug, – I don’t know how you people can be so sure that we will win. I can’t afford underestimating our opponent. They could’ve developed some plasma railguns, laser weapons mounted on the satellites or drone fighters. The truth is, we could be slipping into an ambush. – I frowned and jammed my lips to a line when a comforting hand touched me with fatherly warmth.

 – Don’t you worry about that. Scouts are under way. These new shapeshifter drones we took from the last planet we invaded are very practical piece of equipment. All we know about this planet, it could be populated by some primitive form of life, or unpopulated at all. Maybe they are more advanced than us, but that’s why we have you here to protect us. – again I sensed smile on his face, but that didn’t elevated my mood, so I gave back the mug, opened the hatch and slided to my gunner position to await for the first impact.



First Impact

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