Matocian Elections


– Here we are at the annual Matocian election. The crowd is gathered behind the steel fence. We can hear them cheer for the contestants. There is strong presence of police guarding the race with blasters and drones flying in a pattern approved by the Council of Directors. We have seen in the past few days that race is slowly catching on as we enter the final day. – reporter talked to a drone while crowd around me clutched together and shouter support to the tired men doing physical test.

Air deprivation made me stick my head out in an attempt to smell the fresh air and see what was happening behind the man in blue. Colorful slogans shook  before my eyes that were shutting whenever the light of corporative commercials flickered.

– As we already know, favorite of the election is a pure breed Matocian executive director of the Matocian Tourist Board of Directors, a very wealthy man that was assumed he might hijack the election and bribe the referees. That is next to impossible now as Council have hired a battalion of Ildocian mercenaries to stand guard and watch out for all the illegal takeovers. His rival is a self employed entrepreneur that was dealing with weapons and various criminal activity. Some say he came from the part of the town where cartels run the streets and that he is responsible for a mass gang killing last november. We can hear the crowd support the underdog in this race and prognose a firm rule within the system if he wins the elections. We are here from minute to minute with all the fresh corporative stories. Back to you. Studio. – reporter smiled like everything was normal and expected.

I however couldn’t figure out what kind of people are these Matocians. This capitalistic kratocracy was very confusing, odd and wrong on so many levels, but who am I to tell them how to run their city. Whatever it was, it kept Matock from getting sacked by the Ildocian hordes that lived from renting armies and looting other cities.

– Yes, yes. The last quadrant has shown a great spike on the cooperative shares. Banks love this elections for sure. This just in. The underdog contestant has won the physical test. This puts him just one step away from the chair of the Council and a flattering titul of honorable Council member. We go in live for the final test. – reporter nodded and drone flew to the platform where contestant had to run for their seats and get strapped in them.

After the ribbons were tightly fastened for the both men four feet away from each other, electric current was turned on to fry the looser. Crowd like any other shifted their heads to suck in all of the nervous expressions of the sweaty candidates that probably change of heart about becoming a Council member.

– First question. – the pause after these words clutched the noisy crowd leaving the sound of flags flapping in the wind, – War is raging in the continent, Ildocians reave Zaria. Whom do you help? Time! – respectful Council member asked, his facial hair aroused in all the seriousness of the situation.

– It depends. Who pays more? – slick director said in pride and confidence that he gave a better answer.

– Ildocians. Statistically they lost fewer battles and won many. After they loot Zaria, we may approach them with a business offer. – underdog said still catching breath from the previous task.

– Second question! – Council member announced as the electricity amplified in the slick man’s chair, – Gratna has silver, Zaria has trade and medicine, Konia has coal, minerals and ore. Who is better for business? – dead silence followed the reverberating voice of a sharp man standing in front of a drone that shooted the image on a grand screen in a town square.

– We trade with Zaria. They are known for the skillful tradesman. They managed to rise every time and renew their business. – slick man groaned clutching the armrest and showing his neck veins.

– Ildock has IRON. – hoodlum candidate emphasised the last word with his lips and proudly watched electricity rise in the chair of his opponent.

 – Third and the last question! Ildock has proclaimed war against Matock! What is your course of action? – Council member now bulged his eyes awaiting some cunning answer when a shout blasted from the struggling director’s chair.

– Surrender!!! – the man now spat blood from biting his tongue and lips while his moves more and more wanted to rip the chair and get away.

– We bribe their troops, hire Ildocian mercenaries, welcome them and gradually raise taxes for their stay in our city. – underdog smiled gloating while breathing in the charming smell of burning flesh.


electric-chair-in Matocian election

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