90’s child


Waking up late at night and sneaking to my living room just to watch creepy sci fi movies, or space documentary was my in particularly favorite thing to do. I’ve learned so much from the “not so popular show” that not so many people watched. They were so unpopular, I even forgot how were they called. My friends were not familiar with the info I would constantly throw at them so they outcasted me from the group. They would call me sometimes when they have some question to be answered, or to be a goalkeeper.

Playing outside was always fun, particularly when some older boys wanted to resolve a dispute and play basketball 1×1. The winner takes all and the loser gets humiliated. Time of sport suits, tracksuits and very colorful sneakers was at its prime, so stands looked like a rainbow. Some cassette would start playing a breakdance music, rhythmic beat would orchestrate the play, just like in the movies.

And then, you get back home, turn on the TV, the next thing you see is news talking about politicians fight, demonstrations, war clashes, brief entertainment with hot girls telling you what is “the next hot thing” on sale (the breakbeat is in the background), Holywood “B class” action movie, news again with some boys in tracksuit being attacked, stores looted, demonstrations are now slowly falling into the civil war and regional conflict, funny Russian cartoon show, fashion show with hot girls acting young and free while everything around them is burning, brief weather report, heavy rain is to be expected next week, domestic TV show with bunch of comedians pranking each other, communist party gives report to the nation, breakdance music videos, in the news some politician called for an uprise other waved his gun in the air.

Finally a bed time. What show will be aired at 3:00 in the morning? – I wonder.



There is Facebook page and Twitter for those that like to chat. Just sayin’.

I would like to give you these stories in particularly.

Soft spot


God of War


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