Happy Crew


Digging ditches, moving destroyed robot carcases and burning them so all of their wiring would melt and secure that not one of them will rise again was what demoted soldiers had to do. Who knew that sleeping on guard duty will provoke such punishment? Other soldiers were instructed to fight the war, while we had to do what was considered a dirty and dishonorable job. Months trapped in this hell sentence made me realize my purpose in this war. I grew to love my place even if it didn’t brought medals and glory along with the responsibility.

Clouds of smoke built shade over our heads as Sun was setting behind the naked mountains we had to set on fire. After four days of cleaning the terrain, army moved miles ahead of us. Work lasted whole day and night where heavy machines hissed, shaked, roared and gushed nasty black stench in our eyes. After the shift, we could barely recognize ourselves in the mirror.

Tonight, we piled the carcases around one area instead of spreading them around the field. They burnt nicely, providing warmth and light to the center where tired soldiers rallied to throw a party. Yes, we could do that because we were so far behind to rise attention and concern of the Generals that were focused on winning the war.

Logan, the funny guy from the company that was sent here because Generals found out who was smuggling alcohol into the base, salvaged robotic helmet from one of the enemy we disabled for research. He placed huge helmet on his head and flipped his bulletproof vest inside out to a polish side where flames ricocheted from it and made everything the same orange color. He acted strut with his stomping around the dry dirt that consumed the air around him.

– Directive five niner. Enemy engaged. Toof, toof, knnnnn, searching for targets, bip, boop, boop. – he imitated electronic voice of the enemy while walking from one damned soldier to another.

Firstly we giggled, then we laughed and made jokes.

– Do the General Davis. – I added through a smile and kept repairing blaster I found scorched around the enemy’s body.

– Listen up, boooys. We are here to win some wars, so I expect all of you magots to kill hundred of those tin cans… each! – he frowned and swiped his finger around just like General Davis would do.

– Ha, ha, ha, damn man. You should be doing stand up comedy. – Tomas said holding himself for stomach like he will burst.

– Shiiid! You funny. – Tayron said fixing himself a big blunt and passed it to me.

– Well, I know. Even since school people called me a comedian. I like arts, but I have fear from the stage. I swear, if I step on the first plank of a theater, I will die. – Jason said leaning to my side to light my joint.

– Have you tried going prone? – my joke made everybody laugh and shut up for a second allowing chill dubstep to take over the space around us.

– I don’t know man. After all of this… – Jason showed the landscape that was slowly merging with the darkness of the night, – Who knows what we’ll do. We might stay here for the next two years to clean it all, maybe more.

– Fuck that shit. As soon as we finish our contract, I’m out. I got better plans than staying here and scraping metal. I don’t give a damn for those strut Generals that host dinners and throw posh parties for some senators and politicians. The truth is, we don’t mater to them. – Tayron said inhaling smoke and laughed.

– Yeah, about that. – I knocked my eyebrows and took a whiff from his hand, – How did you ended up in the followers camp? – question came in time because we all wondered how did Tayron deserved to be here.

– Well, let’s say that Davis wasn’t very fond of me when I punched his man in the teeth. – Tayron said making us all rise from the comfy seats and stare at him in wonder, – Yeah, yeah, yeah, I punched the son of a bitch. He was yelling at the couple of runner boys for the mess he did in the barracks. I let is pass two times before, but the third time I snapped. He was strut, like he was a General and not a normal soldier from the lines. Fuck ’em, fuck all of them. – he said, dubstep played and we all kept silent letting fire crackle and keep us warm from afar.




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