She wore black


Crowd of thousand people made waves, danced, drank and groped each other in a tight private tango. Goth girls were always mysteriously giggling in small groups, holding their cups in shoulder height, scouting the people around them and moved their hair from their face. My friends and me were too busy drinking when brawl broke off five shadows away and they joined in.  A hail of fists and kicks rained before my eyes, moving with the speed of light, only stopping encaptured by the flash of lasers that scanned the sweaty crowd. It was brutal, yet thrilling and blissful. Consumed by the alcohol I saw colors melting and her image on the left, pretending to watch the show.

Some guys near her were calm and occupied by the a brawl that slowly moved towards them. I haven’t noticed a boot that kicked me down, not I saw a fist hitting me in the face. Someone picked me up, held me by the arms and tried to wake me up. I couldn’t answer, my voice betrayed me, so I smiled and everybody laughed. My friends face was so close to me I could smell his cigarette breath. After few more moments of shaking, I flipped my cup dry down my throat and tossed it at the still fighting men.

She looked at me smearing my blood from my nose, laugh like I was crazy and tilt in all directions. Odd, she didn’t grinned, nor she hid her face at the sight of blood. In all wonder, she actually pushed her way through the crowd and came to me with a handkerchief. In a red light, her face was angelic and stunning. Perfectly sculptured eyes glistened at the image of a broken man, wasted and pitiful, but maybe it looked appealing to her.

I felt her touch on my cheek, then strokes of cloth that moved blood from my lips and unexpected cold lipstick sticking to them. As soon as her tongue brought in the warmth and tingling sensation in my mouth, stands started spinning around us. Someone’s boot kicked me in the back, I slightly lost balance, but I kept kissing her. Crowd was going wild, music drained all ambient sound from the hall and light elevated for the chorus leaving us kissing in the dark.

No air, no orientation, chaos raging around me, terrible noise only worsens the experience, but she is there to dull all the wrong things happening, ease the pain and numb feeling that grows stronger in my body. Wow, what a situation. Why is she doing this? Nobody forced her to this. How bizarre.

Morning came in with a headache, strong rays of dawn shining in my eyes, piercing pain saying hello periodically and dew running down my leather jacket. A deep yawn and arm stretch followed my head trying to find where am I located. Still in the concert, just morning after. Some nice folk that cleaned the area showed me the way out and I exited the arena. After lighting my cigarette that were there by some miracle and not stolen, I went for my phone. The phone was there too, and a new wallpaper. Angelic face slightly moved aside and at the angle where lasers illuminated all of her beauty gazed at me shy and innocent. A sleeve of my jacket was on her neck as I was probable photographer.

I just smile at the Sun and keep walking.




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