Just a Slavic things.


While minding my own business, two people came to meet in the middle of the road.

– Where have you been, I’ll fuck your wife? – first one asks smiling, his hands open to welcome a friend.

– Better you, than some REAL MAN. – second one replies and both of them laugh, shake hands and tap each other’s shoulders, – Haven’t seen you in a while. You don’t visit, you don’t call. I missed you man. I thought you died, so I can visit your wife. – laughter only grows stronger.

– Knowing what a man you are, she would eat you alive. – they giggle, when one of them starts offering cigarettes, – You should swing by the village inn. First round is on me. – first one says lighting his cigarette.

– No, I can’t. I have to sort out some things. Drought was merciless this year, I fear I’ll have to sell half of my herd. – sudden change of tone turns their faces serious with a pinch of worried eye rolls, – My cornfields got harvested by someone. I swear if I find who did it, I will gladly do the time. – smoke streams from the nostrils of the second man that has his head aimed at the dry dirt beneath his feet.

– I’m sorry to hear that. How much do you need? – question came instantly and without too much thought.

– I decided to sell the herd. I need money. My mother is getting more sick. I calculated how much I need to bribe the doctor to take a look at her and give me the right medications. She might even stay at the hospital, so I need to bribe the nurses to be close to her, buy something for the chief doctor, maybe slaughter a lamb and roast it for them. – his voice speaks like in shame that illness has knocked on their door.

He wanted to curse the doctors, the God and the state he lives in, but he know this is how things go, so he clutched his fist and took another whiff of smoke. First man just looks at his friend, bites his lips, thinks of the way to help his friend.

– I got my niece in the hospital as a nurse in training. I’ll call her to find connection with the chief doctor. I’ll borrow you a hundred euros to put in his pocket. My niece will take care of your mother. – first one says and rays of light took away the sadness from the second man’s face.

– Oh, that is great. You have done me a lot of good. Let’s do something more. I’ll slaughter the lamb for both of us. I like eating meat too. It doesn’t have to be those doctors eating it. I’ll share it with friends. – now laughs start lingering in the air again.

– Hey! – I yell, – There is celebration in the next village for about two weeks from now. Maybe someone wants a roasted lamb for main course. You can try selling your heard there. – I toss it at them, they exchange surprised looks and approach to thank me for the info.

The thanking continued by the table where I brought us coffee, rakija, fermented blocks of sheep cheese and cigarettes. For two more hours of conversation, few numbers dialed, we found a man who would buy four lambs, a man who has a lot of corn for cattle and a gossip of who could be the corn thief.



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Hm, what should I list for today? Let’s just add these.

My country’s fling

Battleship armada

Alien hordes

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