In love with details

It doesn’t take a lot of money to be happy. Normal people, doing normal things, enjoy in normal stuff, but what is normal? It’s a balance between two non normal worlds. Everything below normal isn’t normal. Everything above normal, also isn’t normal. We search for optimal level in everything we do. That’s where we feel most safe, most comfortable. Everything is useful in right dosage. A little bit of hate is good if you can tolerate it. A little bit of love is useful, if you can afford to control it. A little bit of laugh is good, if you can evoke it. A little bit of sadness if good, if you can suppress it. Living an optimal live.

Yesterday, my season work as a night guard have ended and now I have all of the time I need to make plans for the future. I got up this morning, not sad because I lost my “summer job”, but filled with happiness of what am I going to do during winter. I can really let myself go in the WP, read more, write more, socialize more.

Nothing can replace a hot steaming cup of coffee, rays of dawn inclination through the window, chill air cuddling your skin, a shot of cold rakija cutting down your throat and warm bread straight from the oven – melting down a block of cheese on it. Perfection.

I spent 4 hours chopping wood, breaking sweat, muscle tensing, Sun warming my sweater, chill dubstep playing dim and distant like through a radio, cold drink simmering with soda in it – waiting on the log. A welcome refreshment on a hot day. Perfection.

I just had lunch and haven’t ate to the point I couldn’t walk, just enough to cheat on hunger. Now I sit at the keyboard, write this, look at the Sun slowly crushing down behind the dark blue hill that still holds write crust of snow from the last few days we had storms. Perfection.

Tranquility, peace, nirvana… Perfection.

I burp, and there is soda back in my nose, tingling my nostrils. Water is simmering for two teaspoons of coffee, I just listen it go at two metres away from the stove that uses the firewood I chopped today. I was productive, I did something useful today. Isn’t this perfect?


And of course, Kitten want’s to say: Hi.


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Stories, right? Ah, I’ll see what I can do about that.

Grateful or ungrateful?

Why Military Fantasy?

First Anniversary


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