First Anniversary

Here I am, typing away, sipping water, reading something interesting when all of a sudden, an unexpected achievement falls in my lap, a year long flight in the friendly skies (I can swear I hear that line before). I smiled, of course, everybody would smile… right?


Unexpected were 134 followers that I have on WordPress and 211 email subscribers that daily get my scribbling. Twitter has around 40 followers, my Facebook page 36 which is not that great, but overall I don’t complain. Those people chosen to click on follow button, so someday they can decide that war stuff is not their thing no more and leave. I salute people’s liberty to do whatever they want as long its not turning violent to live beings.

So here we are, at this fine day, writing what inspires us, read what our friends wrote, comment, like posts and share laughs. It’s like in a hive, like we all work in a firm, but we are all happy with it. I always do provoke an image in my mind where I sit next to a window in a very tall brick built building and watch the cityline that spreads on the other side of the river. Idilick isn’t it? But I also imagine that picture with a lot of drones in the clear sky, flashy lights on the skyscrapers, noise of traffic beneath me, a dog bark in the street, robots walking among citizens. Maybe a gentle black hair girl on the couch, picking her nose like digging for gold. What is WRONG with her?

Alas, one can only dream and fantasize about better life, maybe even do something to make it real. I do encourage you, my army, to do whatever is in your power to achieve your goals and dream of them. That’s how unexpected gets expected and possible.



The Facebook and Twitter profiles I mentioned.

Oh, you EXPECTED a story, did you? No worries, I have something.

Rituals by Rick Partlow

Retarded Chihuahua by Dijana Minic

Code name “Spider”

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