Help, help, help!

I’m gonna make it quick. Sometime last year I had a detailed idea on how to improve my country’s cultural growth, but because I am a fan of fiction and because I follow so many shows, I have decided to implement a certain twist to this idea. I JUST LOVE MARVEL UNIVERSE!!! This love gave birth to a well planned blog post that if it goes viral, it just might spark a positive reaction in the world and Marvel Universe Team.

I need your help, my brothers in quill. I would like you to share and repost this post and ask your followers to do the same or contribute in any other way they can. Help me Launch my idea and go super sonic, do some good in the world and open few doors for young and talented artists from the Balkan.

In the other news, I got new achievement unlocked. I got 1337 Likes on my blog and I feel amazing now. Thank you my brothers, my Sergeants and Lieutenants for being loyal and active. This day might just enter a calendar as a day when history got created.


March on my brothers! To victory and beyond!

I got new Kitten now. Say hello to my little friend.


DRONSTAD Facebook page that turned to stone, because of the lack of activity.

If you hoped for a stellar story, I got you covered.

Code name “Spider”

Hide and seek for men

Ramgorian mind games (Full)


4 thoughts on “Help, help, help!

  1. Thumbs up for the progress on your quill journey. It’s awesome and I can feel your words. I felt that way too at some point and it’s quite exhilarating to know that one is appreciated for the little contribution in here. Keep marching on my friend. 🙂 Cheers to greatness! 🙂

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