Master Plan – Some notes for bloggers

I was led to believe that coincidence doesn’t exist, a deja vu effect in our lives is just an optical illusion, Lizard people do exist, Illuminati confirmed, blah, blah, blah. How true is it? My answer is: VERY TRUE. (without the Illuminati of course)

Writing process is beautiful and fulfilling, but what to do when you finish it? What else it there to do, but to dive in and rewrite the first draft, edit it and put right punctuation, then read it again and send it to some trusted friend. Hope he/she is right for the task and that their keen eye will spot every mistake, plot hole, poor wording you made. Then hope some more that your writing will make an impact on your beta reader, because you don’t want a message: “It was 0k.” and nothing else after it. INFO! I NEED INFO! MOOOOREEEEE!

Even if all of that is done, what then? Straight for the publisher, agent, online self publishing sites? How about a blog where you can investigate what your public is made out of? How about forming a fan base on a platform that is populated with readers and writers? How about learning the heartbeat of the population and set a marketing plan where you can target your demographic and lure them into your writing blog? How about not looking for the beta reader and editor, but do it yourself? Yes, you can do all of that, but that needs time. Blogging can be very rewarding experience on the socializing network that WordPress is, because there is a great variety of people that will inspire you, give you valuable advices and cheer for your success. I know, because I get a lot of love here on WordPress, or as I call it “WorldPressed”.

So here it is what happened to me. I finished my novel “Dronstad” (not published, but bare with me), and I was out of ideas, so I wrote a trilogy. Now what? This question haunted me for some time, then I asked my friend and he asked me back the same thing. “Why don’t you make a blog and run it?” – a reasonable idea… I heard stories about people with blogs and their success. One even got to write a scenario for “Martian”, then he wrote a book about it and movie was made after it. Sounds impossible, but yet, it’s true. “If there is a place for all of the stars in the night sky, there must be a place for a little me to fit there… Among the writers whose names will be remembered and quoted.” – idea led me to make a blog, write all sort of stuff, take part to “writers helping writers” groups on Facebook, and a new friend out of mere coincidence gave me advice to use “Tags” in my posts. I wasn’t technically educated, but it sounded promising, so I listened to his advice. The blog blossomed in a rate I can’t measure.

Other friend gave me advice to join some magazine and write for them, learn how written word is distributed, learn how to write in other styles, learn, learn, learn. So I listened to that advice and now I am a contributor to a Sci Fi site AVKF. This brought a lot to my writing skill.

Some time ago, a friend by mere coincidence showed me her work for a site that employed online advertising managers and told me they are hiring. I applied for that job, but couldn’t last for too long as it was too demanding for me to commit. I left it with pain in my chest, but I learned how SEO works. A valuable advice turned fruitful.

Today I got an advice to put more cultural stuff in my blog, as that is very interesting to people who are not familiar with its beauty and specter of colors. I am set to follow that advice and stir this bitch up, gain more readers, build a fan base, an army of followers, recruits to 42. Cyber Corps.

It’s not luck, it’s the people and coincidence. It’s the camaraderie that pushes me forward, the kind, the gentle, the honest. Those are the people we need in our lives. The more you are out there, the more you’ll see the progress, but you need to MOVE, move everywhere, move, don’t stop, because to stop – is to die.


Anyway, here’s a Kitten.


DRONSTAD Facebook page where followers disappear mysteriously.

I suggest you scroll down.

Code name “Spider”

Hide and seek for men

Lieutenant Stoner on the Rollercoaster


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