Lieutenant Stoner on the Rollercoaster

Yeah, this one pampers to you my brother in quill. Why? Well, I had a lovely conversation with you and you made me create another category on my little blog. I considered it for a while but never came to do it, until you motivated me to actually do it and put a “Gallery” category among the others I have. I hope you’ll enjoy in my artwork, or not, I ain’t your mother to pamper at you all of the time. My artwork and Dread Guard is dedicated for you SIR. 😀 *giggles like a little girl while eating potato chips


Now, I will pamper some more to you. Here’s a Kitten.


DRONSTAD Page where all hopes are lost to create a fan base.

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10 thoughts on “Lieutenant Stoner on the Rollercoaster

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  4. Awwww..ahaha
    **giggles like a little girl while eating potato chips*

    Ahah. Do you even know how naturally cute and funny you are the way you talk/write (your stories excluded obviously).

    I had seen your posts on the grid but never even went near as it screamed ‘WAR’ and that scares me a little.

    But you are such an adorable person. Whenever i visit your blog i have a broad smile on my face. Thanks for that. And thanks for just being here your presence is a flicker of light that i cant explain.

    And i am so going to adopt a kitten just like this one when i am able to. 🙂

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