Almanac of superior creatures and untold heroes

This is something I have made through the years of fantasizing about possible characters and plots I could use someday. I started this project when I was 12 and the collection slowly grows. I do apologize about lack of description, my language skills and not enough pictures as this is all fictional and I didn’t had motivation enough to draw all of my characters. I am hoping you people have strong imagination and that you can paint a photograph in your mind.

I did revisited this project few days ago and shaped it a little bit so it could be understood in a way where I don’t need to add more explanation to the description. I hope you can find something inspirational and useful in this “let’s pretend” project of mine, because I made it with a purpose to share it to those that find themselves lacking imagination.

PS. I had to exclude parts which directly describe characters of my trilogy “Dronstad”, because I felt it might give too much of the characters and ruin a novel if someone would actually read it someday…. if it gets to be printed…. like, EVER.


Braoory – Humanoid sulfur based organism of screaming yellow skin and ivory type horns that stick out from their upper jaw. Cheeks are hairy and pushed inward while cheekbones are slightly pimpled. They have usually bald heads and distinctive skin scars from which they draw air. They live in gas swamps with hot spring geysers. Reproduction is based on hatching an egg which is nurtured by the fathers… Yes, multiple males. Cannibals. Their society is formed as tribe-anate where a group of leaders form a Counsel. Known for warrior women that occasionally live on the outer ridge of the tribe and have separate lives away from the tribe.

(Used for a collection of short stories “Military History of Ildock – Short Stories from Kepler 452 B” )
Ildock – a town founded by mercenary forces that lives from their involvement in numerous wars across the continent. City is settled near a volcano where Ildocians believe it is a place where their God dwells. Volcano is settled at the very edge of the coastal ridge at the end of the enormous tundra. It is characteristically gated with thick black marble walls. Houses are built with a combination of sand and rock, while the castle and temple of the Undying is a one-piece alien meteorite based on the highest hill Ildock has in its walls. The great human skeleton stands in the middle of the temple slightly bowed beneath the dome that is always misty because of the inner atmosphere. In ancient times deity that sleeps in the bottom of the volcano was presented with many sacrifices in form of animals even human. Society is formed as a Kingdom with a King as their leader, but in the modern times King was replaced by a Knighthood Counsel. Maxima “Army takes, never gives away”.

(Used for a collection of short stories “Military History of Ildock – Short Stories from Kepler 452 B” )
Kotadar – an Ildocian deity that sleeps inside of an Ildocian volcano. The God Kotadar has three heads with three faces each. First head is a master of the sky, so it had faces of a falcon, a bee and a dragon. Second head mastered the mountains and forests, so it has faces of a wolf, bear and a lion. Third head mastered the rivers and plains, so it has faces of a snake, catfish and a rhino. Based on where a certain people group was living and from out of where they were getting their food, they offered sacrifices to the head that mastered the element. Fishermen offered their goods to a catfish by sinking it in the greatest depths they could find. Hunters and forest people gave their tributes to the bear, lion and a wolf by leaving the corpses of a dead animal on an open plain, hill or barren rock. This deity is the one and only present in the continent.

(Used for a collection of short stories “Military History of Ildock – Short Stories from Kepler 452 B” )
Aramon – Kotadar’s lawful son, born from the Ildocian King’s virgin daughter. He is fully a human, but with extraordinary powers and set of equipment. The legend says he was born with skin made out of fish scales, his jaws was like in a bear, eyes of a falcon, wolf ears, lion claws instead of nails, strength of a rhino, speed of a bee, tongue of a snake and all of that on a human body. His father has ordered him to defend the Ildock from oncoming enemy that was at the gates, so Kotadar has built him an armor from the bear bones and wings of a bee to make it light and strong, a sword made out of wolf fangs and snake poison to be sharp and deadly, a cape from feather of a falcon and catfish flipper to protect him in the highest of places and deepest of waters he might lead a war in. After making all of these things for his son, Kotadar blew fire on it and turned it all black and magical as dragons are magic.

Stroon – Race known for sharp mind and very capable navy. Reptilian-humanoid. Half green, half olive with scales and huge dark green misty eyes. That sort of eyes gives them vision of the static charge in human body, naturally built to detect lies. Clothes are knitted from marine silk threads, usually maroon red with a shade of dark green. Sank gold gives them all of the jewelry and trading wealth. Not very fond of warmth, but very resilient on high pressure. They feed on marine herbs like algae and corals. No teeth, no skin between fingers, but long and sharp tails. Peaceful breed of people, but very proud and intolerant to deception. Can attack for defensive reasons. They live in a city in a bubble on the bottom of the ocean.

(Planned for a trilogy “Erthorn the Midnight Pass”)
Vomiricons – carbon rock like humanoid creatures born from lava. Mountain dwelling race of semi-giants that feed on heat. Extremely afraid of water. Miners by calling, fearsome warriors, but dumb as a rock. Peasants use them to pull cargo and help with the crops, build houses and barns, traveling companions.

(Planned for a trilogy “Erthorn the Midnight Pass”)
Satee – Masters of sand and poison. Slightly purple of skin. Humans with fire red pupils and brown tan, oil dark facial hair, very mysterious and speak in double meaning. Great poets and academics, stargazers and lovers. Martial art masters, sword masters and Brall riders. Society is formed in a Caliphate with a High Priestess on the top which is also an immortal princess.

(Planned for a trilogy “Erthorn the Midnight Pass”)
Attara – a High Priestess and Princess on the Satee, a Desert Thirst, the Man’s Heartbreak. Usually resides in a Sky Tower with hers fortune telling golden chains that are wrapped around her left arm. Delicate voice, feminine curves and eternal youth are her weapons, but her cunning wisdom is sharper than any blade. She can use her soft voice to speak with anybody miles away from her town like she is in his ear. Generals are often worried about her whispering in their ears while they are asleep and change their minds about the upcoming battle.

(Planned for a trilogy “Erthorn the Midnight Pass”)
Brall – heavy foot creature, thick of skin and growling voice. Resistant to heat. Carnivore. Application as a dune horse. 6 feet high, long neck and grey of color with black spots. Long tails, 4 legs. Sensitive on sound, very obedient and able to charge strong but for a short time. Think of an elephant with a giraffe neck and highly muscular like a racehorse. Very rare is a white Brall with an alpha characteristic and 2 long horns that swirl aside from the skull. Some people made a bow by melting their horns and bending them. Such bow is called Brallat, and it has magical purposes. Arrow fired from such bow cannot be stopped nor caught.

(Used for a collection of short stories “Military History of Ildock – Short Stories from Kepler 452 B” )
Zaria – A city in a desert populated by skillful merchants. Oriental vibe, silk, perfumes, long feasts and constant bickering about the prices are what Zarian streets have to offer. Thick sandy walls are protecting Zaria and its citizens from danger. Houses are made from sand and palm trees in a shape of a hexagon with a fireplace in one corner. From the distance, Zarian city and its castle appear white because of the bleached sand that is their walls. Fair and honorable people run the city with their shops, trading routes and quality service. Society is formed in a Sultanate with Sultan as the main leader of the Zarians. Constant clashes with Ildock and frequent looting made Zaria a mortal enemy to Ildock.

(Planned for a trilogy “Erthorn the Midnight Pass”)
Calamitas – Lord of the Shadows, Knight of the Order of the Calar – Half a man, half a Wrath covered in black smoke. Power to use shadows as portals – in from one – out from the other. Very skillful with a spiked club. His face is pale and fractured where in the cavities a burning coal glows red when he gets furious. Half of his body is wrapped in black bandages and covered with a long hood with dark magic emblems that radiate when he uses his powers. A trickster and brutal while playing with other people. His flaw is unusual flashes of screams and howls from Hell where his Lady mother is being held as a prisoner. His quest is to liberate his mother or pay ransom with his own soul. He is heavily tormented with the past and memories of his mother.

2008-07-28 20-53-55_0028~1.jpg

(Used for a collection of short stories “Military History of Ildock – Short Stories from Kepler 452 B” )
Matock – A harbor city on the eastern coast. It is a touristic destination for all of the other cities and nations. Inland is a crime haven where drug lords and gangs run the city except for the pearly coast that is reserved only for foreigners such as tourists and visitors. Houses in the past were all tile covered two story high cubical buildings, but in the modern time it is mainly business skyscrapers and luxurious hotels. Society is formed as Capitalism and a Kratocracy (rule by seizing power in utmost brutal way). Main weapon is economy where gradual extortion and taxes make invading armies relocate and abandon the power of holding their troops in the city. Matock holds no affections for any other city.

(Used for a collection of short stories “Military History of Ildock – Short Stories from Kepler 452 B” )
Gratna – A silver mining town, industrial zone and a mining colony. City is settled among the numerous hills and rivers that stream around the houses and buildings. Secondary trait is cattle herding, but insufficient for a regular business. City is almost constantly under the smog and factory vapor which explains the depressive vibe among the citizens. Gratna is allied with Zaria and has a historical relations with that city.

(Used for a collection of short stories “Military History of Ildock – Short Stories from Kepler 452 B” )
Konia – A mountain city located in the peaks of Eternal Mountains range. Naturally steep cliffs make a defensive obstacle for any invading force. In the past, houses were caves that were naturally carved out with a decaying lime from within the structure, but later on, the urban style blossomed and turned Konia into a megacity. Society was formed as a Kingdom with a King as a main leader. Konians are easily spotted because all of the men are bald and butch. Cold temperatures, mist and snow is what covers Konian streets even due summer. Frequent Ildocian attempts to climb the Mountain and conquer Konia led to a hundred year of feud between the cities.

(Used for a collection of short stories “Military History of Ildock – Short Stories from Kepler 452 B” )
Petros – A distant continent with a range of mountains and hills on the west that gradually downsize to the center of the continent where a vast meadow is located with several towns. A chain of islands on the south is a birthplace of a new Ildocian army. Banished Ildocian Prince has managed to amass a formidable force from the natives on the island and take them to Petros where he roamed for several years before he acquired ships and took his revenge to Ildock. This event is known as “Turquoise Wave” because of the colors the natives adored and wore in battle. Natives were all black and tall people that were armored with black harness, full helmets with visors and “Deathbringer” swords. This wave broke off the common appearance among the naturally pale Ildocians and placed different tan complexion in their genetics. This mix breed and black tan is considered offensive to normal Ildocians, even though the black tone of skin was on a ruling side once. Ildocians are ashamed of this historical event and are not happy to talk about it.

Deathbringer (1)

Deathbringer – a “bastard” class sword. It is double edged two hands operated weapon with a dentate lower part near the grip and a curvy profile on the upper side. Hand guard is spiked out and sharpened for maiming the opponent while the pommel is a straight crafted dagger for a backward stab.


(Planned for a trilogy “Erthorn the Midnight Pass”)
Heliora – Lady of the Light. Power to spark the internal white glow and blind the opponent, even to destroy the dark army giving them no shadow to hide. Power to glide the air and zoom through the air. Weapon of choice is a golden spear with a sun shaped writings on the handle, while the blade made from pure light can throw a laser like power shot. Clothes are white veils embroidered with golden lining. Hair is bleached, face is slightly tanned. Leather strips make her main uniform. Considered very posh and merciful. Always giggling and smiling when in company of men or women, loves to play with children. Her sighting is considered a good luck among the peasants.

2008-07-28 20-27-45_0040~1

(Planned for a trilogy “Erthorn the Midnight Pass”)
Krons – A vine shaped humanoid, bio-engineered race that can transform in any type of tree they are made out of, many times stronger that metal. Think of a man skinned alive with all of his muscle fibers showing out, but made out of wood. No sense of moral in sex, very open to fornicating. They need no food, because they consume the sun and water, often seen eating dirt for minerals. They are not fond of forests as there is a lot of shade and they can’t feed, so they prefer rocky plains and windy meadows. Natural healers and experts in medicine. Their roots can reanimate the dead. Failed attempt of recruitment to the medical ranks in the Dark Army resulted by total decimation of the regiment that tried to kidnap their young.

(Planned for a trilogy “Erthorn the Midnight Pass”)
Ramgores – A long lost race of people that live in people’s dreams, very wise and cunning. They have power of clairvoyance; give advice to those in trouble, considered as Gods. Usually seen as specters of light with glowing faces. They can make love with their victims, give them nightmares, even kill a man in his sleep, transfer small objects from one lover’s mouth to another over the night.

(Planned for a trilogy “Erthorn the Midnight Pass”)
Erthorn the Midnight Pass – Lost son of the Lady of the Eternal Dawn – A man in every way, but he has a bright mind, clear sight and fast arms. He can see in the dark like an animal. He can summon the stars to rain upon him, giving him the armor of silver light and an ornament staff the Moonwrath. Can use tide for defense, can control the gravity and levitate, but not to fly. Frequently uses sarcasm as coping mechanism, empathic and joyful. Charmer and a gentleman, but not a brute that will spend his time in taverns and grope waitresses.

(Planned for a trilogy “Erthorn the Midnight Pass”)
Ghoul riders, the Eastern tide, Blade Bitches – Shapeshifting women in yellow lizard leather strapping. Huntresses of the Lizard People known as Terrils. Usually nude with short light brown fur growing on their back from the bottom – all the way up and over the head to the cat like nose. No whiskers, but sharp claws and dark shaded stripes on their skin with a skinny cat ears. They wear a lot of metal plating on shoulders and chest, metal coated boots and chainmail for underwear. Can change size, shape, lose fur and become a normal woman, or go full lioness and morph in a huge mountain lion, shadowing an average battlewagon. Known for their sense of justice, they are part of every Council. Think of them as Peace Corps troops. They can be very vicious, violent. Spirits of the dead Lion People are turned into Ghouls, ghost like specters that occasionally appear before their relatives and guide them through training, emotional problems and stand watch in battle, giving warnings to a combatant. Very skillful with all sorts of blade, but weapon of choice is a liquid longsword Chatars.

Chatar – A modular blade that can turn its size to a bastard sword, two handed sword or a cleaver, even a dagger. Made by the weaponsmith Halir beneath the sea. Forged from the liquid oar.

(Planned for a trilogy “Erthorn the Midnight Pass”)
Terrils – Lizardfolk of the rainy shores. Amphibious creatures that ride on two-headed Komodo Dragons. Whole head is covered in scales, yellow eyes and split tongue. Dark green skin color, strong jaws filled with long sharp teeth. Tricked in eating the Ghoul flesh, sparked an urge to only feed on the mountain women. Hive brained organism, with a memory transfer by birth. Hostile to every race and nation, very unpredictable.

(Planed for a trilogy “Erthorn the Midnight Pass”)
Ka-hoan – Divided in Clans, Ka-hoan families are a nomadic people, marauders, merchants, leaches of the free world that travel in the back of an army and collect weapons, armor, other valuables after the battle and sell them to other merchants. Always covered in dirt, rotten teeth, nasty hair, smelly folk. Never used weapon for the right reasons. Will fight his own kind for valuable things, but not fight in the war. A cutthroat way of thinking, rat people. Many deserters would disguise as a Ka-hoan man and flee the battle. Heroes and Kings often travel as Ka-hoan merchants to avoid recognition. Common folk would feed them with scraps and give them water, just to get them away from their homes.

(Planned for a trilogy “Erthorn the Midnight Pass”)
Valoum Vestments – Soul collectors. People in long robes that come to the family’s home when somebody will die in close future. It is considered ominous to reject the Valoum from your door step and forbid him shelter. People of few words and deep soft voice, never travel in pairs or with a common man. Will spend time with a dying man and do whatever he does. Sometimes a Valoum will entertain children with shadows on the wall, play a flute or make a dinner for the family. He will stay for a few more days after the death of the loved one and give consolation to the dead person’s relatives. Gentle and kind, never angry. Very understanding and wise.


That’s it y’all. I will post more when I imagine them. I also want to thank Lieutenant Pierce for sparking the idea of this post. This one is for her. Here’s a Kitten.


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      • I have written 3 novels and 23 short stories, never published. I do have some here in segments “Cut off’s” (from the novel) and “Short Stories” if you want to read it. This Almanac is for public use. I have used some things from Almanac already, that’s why I mentioned it above the description of the character. If you want to use something from my Almanac, you are welcome, just to let you know, I also use things from it like Ildock, Gratna, Konia etc.

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