The Most Active Blogger Award


This came as a real surprise from the Sgt. I Yuvi. If you are here for some time, you have seen that I like to call my followers “Brothers in Quill”. Some got promoted to higher ranks, so this explains why I refer to call them Sergeants and Lieutenants, some even are called Majors.

If this trend of getting awards every third day continues, I just might start stitching my bling for my uniform and use it as a lamellar armor. Ain’t nobody gonna shoot a General. *even I feel ashamed when I use that rank on myself

Yuvi, Yuvi, Yuvi…. you wonderful creature with a talent to cheer up people. The only thing I can say is thank you for this award. My wishes are aimed toward your happiness and success. Also I wish you a lot of followers and dreams come true.

The Rules

  1. Post it on your blog.
  2. Thank and link the one who nominated you.
  3. Nominate other bloggers.

My Nominees

Carlo Rossi

Love Alchemy


All about my shelf

Once again, thank you Yuvi for this. I would ask my army to shift their attention at the Yuvi’s Buzz blog and show her some love. As always, here’s a Kitten.


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