Chaos Girls

Heavy armor on a exoskeleton, battery pack, a long barrel and electronic visor was distinctive look of a battle-woman we had assigned to our unit. Five of them were all the army had at its disposal and we used them just in “No-finite” moments when our lines were about to be run over with enemy’s massive tanks. Helions were about to push us back for another mile when corporal called an airstrike. Loud planes threw their bombs, crippled their advance, but relentless enemy have found it’s feet and got back up again. Their ships were fast as light, armor shiny and glowing, wings broad and angelic. We thought the Doomsday was upon us when we saw them first, but it wasn’t like that.

Bomber got his wing clipped where flames soon spat the black smoke and caused a thunderous noise above me while the metal bird was violently streaming for the ground. Impact was so great that dust in the air was instantaneously set ablaze and gunfire quieted before the deafening crack.

– Enemy, dead ahead!!! – Jim pointed at the smoking hill filled with craters where an orb made of light rolled down butchering the charge of our man climbing it.

I stepped forward and lifted my carabine where bullet followed the other and the whole line rose up to open fire. This orb was moving left and right like it firefly, showing itself to all random places. To the scantily green hill, treeline and brown water ponds fenced with wooden barricades, this orb was an intruder dancing happily over it, throwing shades, cutting through men and spilling blood. To blink could only mean death, so I firmly held the butstock in my shoulder and kept aiming at the blinding rays.

Heartbeats were rhythmically dancing in pace with the Helion soldier which only suffered flashes when our fire would’ve graze him. Our lead was melted to a vapor soon as it reached his light shield. Everything we did was in vain, or so I hoped – until a Chaos Girl begun vibrating the ground around me.

Just as my eyes detached from the gunsight, a shadow overlapped me with a metal stretching whistling to a high pitch. Sounds of heavy feet pounded in our heads where vision got blurred out in a fight between light and shadows.

– YEAH! Chaos GIrl! Woo-hoo! – Jim waved his fist and smiled while machineguns, rifles and mortars rained fire upon the base of the hill.

Fast moves of our girl were racing the orb which was close to her size. They chased each other on the battlefield, pieces of her arm flew away, her gun broke down, her leg was shredded and yet she was on him like a crazy bitch defending her cubs. Shadow and strong rays were like in a super expensive techno club, hitting everything, flashing to our special glasses, making some weak soldiers to hide their face and have seizures. My head was pulsating from a spectacle I could only describe as visual torture.

Happy whoops and cheer lured my eyes to fall on the metal Lady and her blonde hair in a heavy suit of armor. She was walking towards us holding a freshly decapitated Helion head, still glowing like it was made of fire. Boys bursted in all out joy, high fives clapped and smiles covered their young faces, but not one of them had such a divine face like the dead Helions. He was Apolon to us, a God of beauty and we killed it.

Chaos Girl stood there with breeze in her hair, bathing her marble white face that called for romance with a whiff of fresh air that carried the stench of burnt gear. She looked at us so proud of what she did, then she threw the head into the mud and the glow dimmed.

– Be brave and fight well. Don’t let their faces confuse you, these are Demons sent from Hell. Heavens have nothing to do with this horrors… And if this is a work of God, this God is not a God of mine. My God is good and gracious, not a bloodthirsty monster. – the girl spoke, rose her hand and presented us with the hill where enemy awaited us beyond it, – Out there, you search for salvation. Out there is redemption. Out there you find free people doing good things for humanity. – she continued with a convinced stroll when she picked up a gun from the ground and started marching.

We all joined her, a Chaos Girl that was much courageous than us simple farmer boys, handymen, barbers and business gentlemen fresh out of the training. We marched behind her, desperately refusing not to stare at her ass and crave to have her in bed, just for a one night. We followed her to the top of the hill where a new dawn was rising from the sunset, madly in thirst for our blood.



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