100 Followers Checkpoint Reached



Welcome to my blog y’all. We made it. My little scribbling has managed to rally a one hundred loyal readers to my blog. I refer to you guys as “Soldiers”, “My Brothers in Quill”, but I feel like we are much more connected than we really are. Liking, sharing, commenting stands as a proof of our comradery, our helping each other with writing, understanding the torment of random thoughts and motivate others to stay strong and prevail in this storm we named LIFE.


I intend calling this Company a 42. Cyber Corps of Dronstad Army, and all of you are soldiers now. I couldn’t wish for a better looking lot than you folk, so this makes me very proud. You are all troopers that need an insignia for your righteous deeds, so some promotions are in order.


I hereby promote Juan to a Sergeant First Class for shown respect, love and passion for writing. Her blog is one I firstly have found on WordPress and enjoyed visiting. I recommend everyone to visit her blog and thank her in my behalf.

Sergeant1Squad I also promote Ruth to a Sergeant First Class for frequent visits, kind word, Likes and other activities that put warmth to my cold heart. Her images and words do pack a punch, therefore I recommend visiting her too.

Sergeant1Squad I promote Stella to a Sergeant First Class for sticking around and being giggly all of the time, which lifted me up many times I was feeling down and gave me motivation to hope for better things in life.

Sergeant1Squad I promote Yuvi to a Sergeant First Class for being so nice to me, Liking my writing and providing comments that often made me smile and go happy through my day. Her blog is set to do many wonders.

Sergeant1Squad I promote Susan to a Sergeant First Class for being positive and inspiring with her Likes and comments that made such an impact to my way of thoughts. She really is a Muse.

Sergeant1Squad I promote Hayley to a Sergeant First Class for writing great posts and providing me with a good vibes and inspirational quotes I still come to recall.

Sergeant1Squad I promote Jaismine to a Sergeant First Class for showing up, out of the blue like a thunder and giving me a hail of Likes to my writing. Glad you are here.

Sergeant1Squad I promote Teodora to a Sergeant First Class for letting me realise what sort of army did she massed on her blog and that nice words have a better reception than the bad ones.

Sergeant1Squad I promote Zeckrombryan to a Sergeant First Class for his insightful comments that have thought me of what was good in my work, giving me hope and being a true friend.

Sergeant1Squad I promote Nash to a Sergeant First Class for acting as a total undercover agent and slamming me with good advices on Facebook. Without him, this would be pointless.

Sergeant2Squad I promote Nathaswami to a Sergeant Second Class for being with me from the beginning and sticking around when it was the hardest to start the blog’s growth. He truly motivated me to continue with my mission and assured me that stars are achievable.

Liuetentant2Platoon I promote Obioma to a Lieutenant First Class for teaching me how to dream and control my desire of stealing the stars. Her welcoming words and passion for God almost made me a religious person once again. Still, her writing gives me a lot to look for during the day.

Liuetentant2Platoon I promote Stoner to a Lieutenant First Class who became one of my favorite blogger to read, talk to, exchange motivational words and socialize all together. Her words are filled with emotions loosely swinging from happiness to sorrow and back to happiness.

Liuetentant2Platoon I promote Piper to a Lieutenant First Class because she thought me to enjoy life, observe the horizon and cherish the time with my close ones, think about them and love them intensively. Her lyrics are masterpieces that all bloggers should read studiously.

Liuetentant1Platoon I promote Idle Brain to a Radiant Lieutenant Second Class for being such a good friend, a valuable soldier and advisor. His joyful comments are the ones who made me laugh the strongest and almost shed a tear. I couldn’t wish for more than what he gives so naturally and easily.

Liuetentant1Platoon I promote Duri to a Radiant Lieutenant Second Class for being one of the first followers and loyal recruit in the 42. Cyber Corpse, that have left so many Likes it is almost impossible to count them all. His texts are a great fun to read, because he wrote them with his mind and soul.

Of course, this can’t go by without a Company Commander which has endured the most of all. This guy taught me everything about blogging and instructed me how should I make more recruits follow my blog. His words moved me so much in the right path, it is almost called luck, and I’ll admit, I am lucky to have met him.

Major2 I promote Matt to a Company Major for his dedication to our friendship, cleverness and passion for writing. This is the guy who is deeply in love with books. His blog is THE FIRST one who followed me and gave initial advice on how to blog. Solely on his words did this Dronstad Army took its march and started growing. Before him, this was a lonely blog and now it is hard to recognize. Thanks to him, I now have ONE HUNDRED FOLLOWERS.

Now, all of you have permission to brag, show off your new bling and do whatever you want with your new rankings. You can write a blog about it, share, like, comment… Or not, I ain’t your mother.


22 thoughts on “100 Followers Checkpoint Reached

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  5. Congratulations man on this epic achievement. Thank you for been such a faithful follower of my works and thank you so so much for the promotion and your kind words, I’m truly grateful🙏🏾🌺. This post is so different and unique, you truly deserve your achievement, you write very well and so knowledgeable about your facts. Well done!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🎉🎉🍷 I know more followers are coming. Sorry for the late reply, had so much going on for the past 2-3 days, finally getting to sit down and have my own time. 😊. Congratulations once again. I’m really happy for you. 🌺🌺

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  7. Haha. This is so creative and distinct. Thank you for the recognition and the kind thoughts, Dronstad! Congratulations on the 100 followers. It’s a gradual process and more will follow so long as you don’t quit the process. So keep writing. And keep supporting others as you do to me and my blog. I appreciate you. Cheers! 🙂

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