Neon fire

Clash of the century they called it. One among many great wars, a complete annihilation of species. Galactic Union of the Five, including all of the worlds like Earth, Mars, Moon, Europa and outer space asteroid mining colonies that got its reputation as a world, even though they were not having their stationary planet, called for an eternal war against Durions War Initiative.

Civilians, like any other, went to work, lived their lives not concerning about what our government said and soldiers did to the unknown enemy Durions. We just haven’t had time to think about it, just tried our best to continue with our daily routine and stay away from trouble. Yeah, you understand what it’s like.

Observatory in the Moon’s belt we built from all of the post-rocket era trash floating in space looked just like that, a belt of trash piled up around the Moon, left there in a continuous loop, rotating around our only satellite. We had big guns, really big guns that were almost turned into ice from the space cold, monitoring at the void from the dark side of the Moon.

I sat in my chair as always, listened to a broken radio signal, emitted from Earth’s radio in Los Angeles. A show was on with bunch of people arguing about our current state in war. Some said it should continue, some were against it and it was all a good fun, because nobody really was about to do anything about it. Empty talk like any other.

Radar blimped showing the Colonie’s transporter approaching our space. A Delta Heavy pulse ship was dragging a huge chunk of an asteroid they blew up some time ago. They will let it slowly pass near Earth and drill the shit out of it. Ship’s pulse burned in a neon fire like a spacedust nebula I liked to watch in my free time. It was beautiful.

– Cargo A-pull ship M 442 in bound. Moving into a quadrant 5 with a turn blast on for twelve degrees starboard. Approximate duration of flight six hours in a medium speed. Echo Bravo do you reach me? – radio sounded off and I grabbed it lazy.

– Echo Bravo, I heard you loud and clear. You are clear to proceed with your scheduled route towards fifth quadrant. Expect some magnetic interferences. We had a minor solar storm last month. – I said sipping my coffee, battling with empty chips bags and candy foil.

– Thanks Echo Bravo. You are a lifesaver… I have a proposal for you lot. You must be bored out of your mind out there. Want some target practice? I’ve got few chunks of debris stuck to me. I wanted to shake them off, but they might find their way to Earth. I thought it is better if I leave them for you to take care of them. – an odd smile spoke and I had to respond with that same twisted expression.

– Yeah, sure. Give ’em here. We’ll take them out for you. – I said and punched few buttons, when the cargo ship started changing power and pulse burnt dimmer when parts of the asteroid detached from the mass and started floating in space.

– Just wait until I pull away, then fire as much as you like. – ships pilot said and engaged full power on his thrusters that glowed in a radiant white flames.

For next two hours, ship was out of my sight and the rocks waited to be destroyed. I had to notify the base command on Earth for what we are about to do and alarm other outposts in the defencive Moon belt. Guns whirled, buzzed with power and broke the ice on the weapons that lingered around, glistening for the neon light the whole base was lit with. Few more moments of preparation and modification we were ready to open fire.

– All gunner, all gunners. Multiple target dead ahead, range 800 000 miles, size 270 yards in diameter. Platoon fire. Adjust power to lower-advanced. Switch to a quarter barrel load. Use only proton projectiles, no solids. Fire in 3, 2, 1… Mark. – I said and blasts flashed in our screens melting the ice and turning it to vapor that soon got back to a former state and blurred our cameras.

I watched as our neon fire stretched away, beaming to the shiny objects casually drifting in space. The turquoise grid of our shots raced toward the rocks and it just kept going through them like hot knife through butter. I could’ve kill to hear it smash, break, get rekt in a explosion too far away for us to see it in all its glory. To some point, I imagined some Durion battleship, his hideous design, sails like fish scale made fans and nasty rugged nose. It was all just my imagination, because nobody has ever seen one. I guess media did their trick on me and made me believe that war should continue.



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