The heritage

Few days ago, a medieval festival was held in Serbia. I wanted to go so bad, because I am enamored with epic fantasy, knights, court ladies and history of my people. This was one of the new festivals that started luring fans of the dark ages and it has a lot of potential to grow in a world known event. Serbia already has a few of household names such as “Exit” EDM festival which is held in ancient fortress of Novi Sad called Petrovaradin, “Guča” (gucha) trumpet fest which is held in an open field near a small town of Čajetina in middle of Serbia, “Roštiljijada” (rosteelyeeyada) a barbeque fest held in the center of Leskovac city in the south of Serbia and few others.

“Just Out” is the festival held in the backyard of an ancient monastery Manasija built in the 15th century near Despotovac town where over 50 000 people from all over the world have rallied to celebrate the good old times. I wanted to go, because we all as members of our own nations should memorize what our country has been through. It is important to know our heritage, pass it to the next generations and teach them the value of the suffering our forefathers have held off so we could be here. I will leave this here, so you can see it for yourself. JUST OUT page

Enamored Memorize

“Do you want to know more?” *I had to, I’ve seen new Space Troopers – Traitor of Mars

Magnetic rhyme

The conquest of the Grim fields

Gargan’s tent




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