Eternal Mountains


Rocky giants attacked again. This time, a village was in their path. Who knows how did Konians revived the mountains and brought them in Ildocian plains. Zarian desert was somewhat safe, but we had clashes there too. They would rise up shaking the grainy dust, eyes glowing red, looking at us before a quick tap on the side would flip the battle wagon, killing the crew inside. Our plasma cannons did broke the rock they were made out of, but it needed a repetitive fire to stop them in tracks.

Rolling in the center of the village I could see demolished houses, dead cattle and twisted light posts. Black smoke signaled to the outskirts of the village that a grim event have happened, while crows gathered on the roofs to feast on those dead civilians, still hanging from their homes. Craters on the street gave us big problems to cross and scout the whole terrain. Drone flew over my head, mapping the trail of rocky faced horde that passed through. Like a Matocian typhoon annihilated the Matocian harbor, did Rockies set up a line of destruction where trash piles made us turn our heads from disgusting view of the dead and nasty smell slowly vaping up from the flesh.

– Sector Bravo 32 is clear. No sight of enemy forces. They must have left by now. Trajectory of their movement leads away from Ildock. Notify the defencive forces that the city is safe. – Gorid Nok Hallor spoke in the comms, covered his nose as the wave of stench reached us.

– They went north-northeast towards the Gratna. If they go there, they will actually help our war. Damn, look at that poor bastard. – I pointed at the street where a gnarly dog ate some disfigured body and Gorid lifted his gun where he disintegrated the whole meat pile along with the dog.

– Well, they are beasts without control. – he spoke in a light breath, – No brains. Even the Konians that made them can’t put a leash on them. – he fought the flies to take a gaze at the horizon where the horde went, when a house crumbled down behind us, stirring up the settled dust, throwing a grey cloud in the air, – Watch out! Watch out! – he pulled me from the street startled by a deafening noise of a breaking concrete, – That was close. To all soldiers, stay on the street. Don’t approach houses. Those are death traps. – he spoke in the comms and moved on not seeing two red pupils following him.

A growl broke behind when a crackling of a stone made fist rammed straight through the house and punched our patrol vehicle. The denting metal sound was soon plunged in flaming inferno where brief soldier cries stifled when the vehicle smashed over the other house.

– Fire! enemy at the center of the village! Fire all guns! – Gorid screamed while I boomed my rifle at the charging rocky giant.

The enormous thing turned and looked down on me, then he kicked a piece of wall at me. It went over my head, but it landed on Gorid, splatting him with the ground so neatly that even a needle couldn’t slide beneath. Ground shook at every step the enemy made, making me lose sense of my racing heartbeat. I ran like a coward, held my head down while plasma rounds washed the maroon rocky man. His skin went dark from the plasma flames, but strange symbols showed up on his grainy surface. I watched it in awe, shook my head in disbelief, listening to the wounded beast roaring, smashing drones and kicking our soldiers.

It was over soon. All of my brothers were dead and the maroon-black giant was standing, taking deep breaths like it had lungs. It was all strange to me, that colors, that behaviour, the rage in this creature we strived to destroy. He noticed me few hundred feet away and took a slow stroll towards me. My legs were somewhat like his, made of stone with iron roots deeply buried in sand. I couldn’t move, not even speak in this moment, just watching those markings on him and two big red eyes.

– I almost forgot about you. – it said in a very understandable way and a deep, deep growl.

– You can speak? – my eyebrow met each other before the giant’s fist fell on me and turned me into a mush.

– …And I make a mean Eternal Mountains specialty. A Ildocian cream soup. – he laughed as he walked away.




8 thoughts on “Eternal Mountains

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  5. What a detailed story. Felt like I was watching a Hollywood movie. I think I enjoyed the build up and the suspense. But I didn’t understand how it ended in some soup at the end. 😊 A bit anticlimactic for me. But in all honesty, you need to start screen writing for war movies. You’re very good.

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    • Well, the giant turned soldier into a mush, like when you make a cream soup. It’s just pulp and nothing else, and because the soldier was Ildocian, the giant called the victim an Ildocian cream soup. It’s a dark humor.

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    • Oh, you mean how did the giant turned him into a soup? Like what was the process? Well, the giant brought his fist down and squashed him like a bug, turning soldiers flesh into a pulp, grainy pulp. 😀 Very violent. So sad.

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