Liebster Award 2017


Blame this blog here Idle Brain for yet another award nomination. He wanted me to answer eleven questions and because he asked, I will grant him that wish. Idle Brain is a loyal veteran of Dronstad army that frequently participates in Daily Prompt missions like I do and gives a lot of good content, so I suggest my other brothers in quill to visit him and show some love at his site. Thank you for nominating me man. You are a really good friend.

Without stalling, let’s hit the questions.

  1. What turned you to blogging?

Well, it is a tactical move to show/share my work and attract some readers, so when I publish one of my books, I would already have made me a based readership. It is all a well devised plan to fulfil myself as a writer and achieve my goals that aren’t small. I aim towards a movie inspired by my work. Hey, if you can shoot for the stars, why holding back?

2. Do you have any writers u look up to?

I do. There are numerous writers that have done a lot of things. Many writers I like are Serbian writers, but there are few American that I come back to. I would like to mention Arthur C. Clark – a man that opened the door for me and introduced me with Sci Fi. Perfect style: Ernest Hemingway. Sometimes, I try mixing those two writers to get my own style and a familiar aroma in writing.

3. What is your favorite book and why ?

This is a tough one. To many to list and I don’t want to leave out anyone from the list. I would pass answering this question, because I feel I would modify this post more than dozen of times to get them all in.

4. What is your favorite quote?

I actually made few good ones for my novels, so I’ll say one I hold very close to me. “Wars were always led for more, never for enough.”

5. One thing you’d like to improve about your work?

My grammar and vocabulary would give me more choices in writing. Because I lack a serious amount of English for a successful writer, I need to hire a professional translator for already stated goals. I guess my current knowledge will have to be enough for blogging.

6. If you can change an incident in your life….would you…which one …why?

I would stop the Balkanization of the former Yugoslavia that still takes lives. I think that those 5 wars that broke my country into fragments was wrong from the start and that many lives were lost in vain, since the politics change very slowly. Some might blame me and my people for those horrible events, but I stand with civilians. That moment in time we call Balkanization will always be a brother killing war in my eyes.

In a very grim manner, those events that scarred my childhood, are my go to segment for inspiration. If the 12 years of war never happened to my country, I wouldn’t have started writing. I know, weird right?

7. If you were bestowed with a boon what would u ask for?

Now I am divided between personal wishes and social wishes. If I would roll with the social, I would ask for more tolerance in society and logic, since the current events in the world are making no sense to me. If I would roll with personal boons, I would ask for a feeling of bliss when I wake up in the morning, knowing I need not worry of my wallet. I don’t ask for millions of dollars, just a handful every day, just enough to obtain the normal stuff and have a few dollars left for rainy days. I must be pretty basic, but that’s 0K. Modesty is a virtue.

8. What is love to you?

Never met her. Still looking, thou.

9. How do u deal with your sorrow?

Cocain… just kidding. Total isolation, fake smiles until it passes. Aggressive stand up comedy clips on YouTube, help of a friend, introspection, talking to myself, exercise and writing.

10. How should an ideal love relationship be for you?

Team work all the way with sudden burst of emotional tide and passionate outbreaks in sheets.

11. Would you want another stint at life…..What do u want to be reborn as?

Like a reincarnation? I don’t really understand the question. If I would chose what will I be in the next life, I would go with spider, because REASONS.

How does it work?

  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you and link back to them.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers ( with under 200 followers)
  • Let the bloggers know you have nominated them.
  • Give them 11 questions to answer.

My questions:

  1. What turned you to blogging?
  2. Do you have any writers u look up to?
  3. What is you favorite book and why ?
  4. What is your favorite quote?
  5. One thing you’d like to improve about your work?
  6. If you can change an incident in your life….would you…which one …why?
  7. If you were bestowed with a boon what would u ask for?
  8. What is love to you?
  9. How do u deal with writers block?
  10. How should an ideal love relationship be for you?
  11. What is your key virtue?

My nominees are:

Serbia Through American Eyes

Blue Anteater


Dana Bicks

The Speaker 33

Yuvis buzz

Tanner Childs

The Meaning of Life Through My Eyes


Fused Parts

I don’t have the eleventh contestant, so please add yourself.


Ah, thanks again for nominating me, and thanks to whoever read this post. You are all my brothers in Quill. March on to glory.

11 thoughts on “Liebster Award 2017

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  4. OK, your questions… well thank you all for acknowledging my blogs! Blogging is a new fact for me because I’m used to writing books. But anyway, I submit my answers to your questions in all humbleness.

    1. I thought blogging was a good way to meet the social media and to reach and share my writings with others. It was an informative way to reach those with similar interests and to share my gift from God, which is the ability to write. I am so happy that I have touched other people’s lives with my blogs. I am also happy that your blogs, too, have given me deep inspiration.

    2. I know a lot of writers that I consider friends but we do not write the same kind of pieces. However, I do look up to Ernest Hemingway. I have had numerous occasions to go through his home. Being a former Florida Keys resident, I can relate to his capacity to write in such a beautiful place. I admired his demeanor and what he stood for, which was usually totally out of the box.

    3. My favorite book, believe it or not, is the Bible. I have to admit that I was born dyslexic and barely passed English in school. I have never read a book (except the Bible) or wrote anything until I was 60 years old. As crazy as it sounds, I was awoken up one night and told to write God’s messages for people to hear. Most of the time, I wait for a message and then I start to write it. Later, after I review my piece, there are words that appear on paper that I don’t know the meaning of and I must refer to a dictionary. I know it sounds nuts but it’s exactly how it happens.

    4. I’m not sure of the exact wording but it’s something like, “God won’t bring you to it if He can’t bring you through it.”

    5. I would love to change being grammatically correct – improve sentence structure and spelling. Obviously, God is not politically correct. Thank goodness for my editor!

    6. Oh how I wish could change that my father died when I was 13 years old. It’s a huge void at an early adolescent age, especially since he was my role model. Life has left me with a lot of doubt. I was thrown into the position of having to grow up faster than most kids.

    7. I am living the boon! I am a witness that miracles do exist. God has truly blessed me with the miracle to write. It leaves me speechless…

    8. Love is the deepest gratification of knowing that you are with the one God intended. Love is respect and honor and glory – not for just God but for everyone. Love is the electron in your heart that sparks when you wake and kiss good morning. It is the hug and the cute little giggles as you say goodnight.

    9. I pray for inspiration and then…… I WRITE!!! Most of my pieces are written in times of sorrow and struggles. I can only write when God speaks His messages.

    10. An ideal relationship is two people fighting to see who can give the most where respect is endless. Washing dishes together can be as intimate as anything. An endless amount of giving, thoughtfulness, sharing. Love is an act – not an art. Everything about me, is set aside for the other person. Truthfulness. Candlelight, intimate dinners, walk after a spring rain.

    11. My key virtue is to honor!

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