Speed is the enemy. Time runs fast, bullets also. Conquering the vast region is rather simple, but holding the huge territory from those that want it back is another ball game. Resource wars are noted as fast paced actions, unequal radius of security and dotted strongholds that will hold the enemy away until the main force sits on the reserve. A “peach” type scenario and model of warfare. The outside is soft and mobile, while the core stands strong, a rock solid problem to all attackers. Hamer can do the trick on the core – smashing it into little fragments, leaving nothing but smoke and dead bodies around it.

The idea is very interesting but nothing can be done in a jiffy. It needs time to plan out the attack, perform advanced battle tactics and cunning use of logistics, but time runs fast and speed is our enemy. Storming the gate, breaching the wall, overrunning the battlefield with tanks seems as a good tactic, a blitzkrieg maneuver to surprise the enemy and throw him of the balance, but such move needs to be planned in detail. Simo Hayha held the whole Red Army away from his home just with a simple carabine with no scope on it. He was a Finnish farmer that sniped off 505 Communist soldiers. They were in the move, losing time, and time is our enemy.

War? Blitzkrieg? Time? We all lose.





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