Nightmare Corporation


The whole group moved slowly behind a woman in a business uniform. Occasional chatter, coughs and photo flashes runed in the background of her speech. Long and spacious hall led us to a broad panel where the modern equipment was displayed on a rotational stands. There were a lot of high tech gadgets, combat gear, battle robots and multiple drones, completely dismantled on project phases, positioned on the perfect angles so we all could’ve see it.

“Here you can take a look of our newest project. The Nightmare Corps never stops with surprises. This is a new KOS MAR 21B modular rifle. It is equipped with a classic triggering system on a AK platform, with a double barreled options for combat purposes. The primary is chambered in 5,56×45 millimetres, perfect for brief assaults and sniping, while secondary 12 gauge is intended for more of a punch, knocking on the door and suppressive fire. It comes with integrated picatinny rails, kevlar coated body and rubber layer for much firmer grip. Grenade launcher can be added along with a reactive gunsights and infra red scope. All of our rifles are made with a solar battery embedded in the stainless steel frames which power the digital scope and monitor. Also it is used to power up the controls of the gun which makes it “one shooter rifle”. You have seen the older versions in our Special Corps, didn’t you?” – woman spoke like she knew the text by heart, and that was so interesting to me, because the whole thing sounded “plastic”, artificial and repulsive.

– Excuse me! – I shouted wanting to mess with her presentation, – When can we expect the gun to show up in the first lines?! Are those things tested? – my smile made her return in kind and nod her perfectly combed hair.

– The KOS MAR 21B is a battle tested weapon. It passed all the dirt, water, cold and heat tests with flying colors. The AK platform on which is made on is giving us a high reliability and other good qualities of the AK. The rate of fire can be adjusted to the shooters preferences, as also the size of the rifle which means – a child can use it with no problems. – she smiled and took breath to continue with her speech, but I wasn’t done yet.

– Yeah, that! Umm, a child can wield the high tech weapon such is AK? Well, we all know who likes AK’s aren’t we? How can you assure us that some African child in African Death Squad, or some Amir from the hill in Avgan won’t be using those weapons on our Marine Corps?! – I asked and many heads turned.

– As I stated before. Our weapons has an electronic safety integrated with the basic construction of the gun. A “one shooter… – she said when I barged in.

– No, you don’t listen! I am telling you that the system you are putting in those things can be hacked. All of our troops can lose the weapon in one enemy charge, where terrorist can still use theirs! Koreans broke the code when our Rangers got captured in 2019.! The design and quality of the weapon is beating its competition by 10 years of research no question about it, but the guns Koreans broke… They gave them to China and China made million more rifles like that. Now, they too have your technology, “one shooter rifle” system and many more soldiers to battle our invasion like a frog fights the fly! – now I was screaming my guts out and watched as the security guards were popping up in the corners.

– Sir. How did you get those informations? Those are classified documents from our Organization. Are you with the CIA, because if you are, we don’t want you here. – she cringed slightly deforming her baby face.

– CIA? No! CIA went dark after the revolution. They wish no part in the world we built on the ashes of the old United States. We are with another organization. – I was pointing at my chest when the security started watching me and talking into the comms.

– Excuse me. We? – now she went full cringe, – Who are WE?

– I don’t know who you are, but I… I’m with the European Defensive Forces! Strelyajte cyka! Davay! Davay! – the gunfire spreaded in the corridor, echoing so loud that the screams of the civilians gradually reverberated the room.

Five of my soldiers opened fire from the Vantablack coated submachine guns, killed the guards and took the rifle from the stand. Our research sector has a lot of work to clone this thing and give us modern weapon to defend our homes. China didn’t want to share their find with Russia, even they signed the BRICKS agreement. USA was weak for the Old Continent, but still, very innovative with weapons, so what else could we do, but to still the project?


Košmar 21



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    • I had to learn a lot about weapons. I just didn’t wanted to be laughed at when someone reads my stuff. Also, I had to learn it because I write Military Fiction. It kinda goes hand in hand. 😀


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