Bad business


Jessa sat in her seat, listened some summer hit and played with a lock of blond hair. Her white neck was shaded in red from the player, her eyes roaming the parking lot submerged in pitch black. I was growing nervous and restless, eager to move outside, but I had to stay inside until the bastards come.

– Don’t do that. – she said looking at my shivering knee, – Here, take a gum. It will help. Try to think of something peaceful… They smell fear, you know. – a smile lit up in red, then she turned away.

– I’ve never done this before. How can you be so calm? – my grimace met her confused gaze, then her lips opened.

– Well, I got used to this kinda people. I know more criminals than I know normal people. Living in big houses, white fence, perfect teeth… I don’t know how they can live like that. To me, it’s just a facade, a well made mask. They are more twisted than these lot, I can tell you that. – she spoke in absent search for the headlights in the dark, – Here they are. – her door opened where two blinking lights illuminated the silver sedan.

I followed her like a puppy, correcting my jacket, exhaling deep breaths. She placed her hands in pockets and moved like a model on a runway, throwing her lush blond hair left and right, slowly approaching the vehicle. The late mustang model was awaiting us with an engine roar and two hidden figures on the front seats. The cigarette flames showed her the car was packed with thugs, so she smiled and leaned over the hood, while I stopped at her side and scouted for interested bystanders on the scantily lit parking.

– Are you Sergei? The Bratwa said they’ll send some Sergei guy to deliver the goodies. – she said and the guy behind the wheel nodded, – Great. – a short word was followed by five gunshots at the mafia in the car, then she moved her weapon in the holster and opened the door.

– What are you doing?! You said we are here to bust this guys, not kill them! You dumb bitch! They are mafia, not some hoodlums from the back alley! Do you know what will they do to our district?! You just placed every cop in this town on their hit list. – I pointed my finger at her, but she just kept smiling and opened the trunk, then she slammed the door and walked to the rear end, – Are you even listening to me?! You killed off two Brigadnik, and you are smiling.

– Yeah, I’m listening, don’t you worry over this scum. They are better dead.

– Better dead?! We are going to be dead!

– Not really. Selma made me a false ID. We are going to some island for a long vacation. Police is already working for them, so there will be no dead cops… 0K, maybe a dozen, you know, those who are to greedy and suspicious. We sell this to Bloods and Crips, then we fly away. – she pulled out a bag and let it fall heavy on the floor, – I’m sick of working this job and watch as criminals walk away because they know the mayor and fill his pockets. This was supposed to be a delivery, but it turned into a robbery. Red Block thinks we are a gang, newcomers. They don’t know we are from the special units. They will be on a war foot for a while, so we will move somewhere safe. I just sparked a gang war and I don’t want to stand here when they start killing each other… You can come with me and spend your life like a king, or stay here in fear for your life whenever you lift up the curtain. – she said enough for me to bit my lip and grab the bag.

– C’mon, I know a guy with a civilian plane. – I waved my head and took off in a hurry while she followed me, walking like a model on a runway.





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