I’m back!!!

As I told you, I was absent for two days, but I’m back now. I am freshly motivated with glare in my eyes, set for bigger things. From time to time, we all need some positive energy poured, casted, given or provided to us. Friends are very useful medicine that every doctor would prescribe, so use them smartly and responsibly. Some suggestions were given to me some time ago, and I had to wait for a tide to catch a wave. I did conclude some of my ideas, and I am not telling you which, because as soon I start shouting about my success, there is always one thing that ruins it all. Sit tight, and stay tuned as I will keep you briefed at all times.

I would like to use this opportunity to wish you all some love and that glare in your eyes like a kid watches it’s first crush. Write, read, be positive and radiate that vibes on other people – your friends foremost, because those people are so much useful than family.


Anyway, here is a picture of a kitten.




5 thoughts on “I’m back!!!

    • Don’t be so gloom. I just might have found a way to finance my novel translation. It’s a first step in the battlefield of writers and publishers. My name is out there, lingering in few sites where I write as a volunteer and I will draw more attention at my work. Just to figure out the paperwork and possible scams I might run into like a recruit in a General’s barracks. 😀

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