Heads up y’all

Just to let you know that I’ll be absent for a while, like 2 days, maybe more. Some things are rolling my way and I have to seize the opportunity and do something with my life. I know that becoming a writer will take more time and effort, but in the meantime, life will wait for no one, ergo – I have to start magnifying my fonds. If all goes as planed, I could actually start earning a little bit more money enough to hire a professional translator for my novels. This also means that I will have to sacrifice my time, my usual habits and focus on other things. This means, I will sleep less, eat less, work more, read more, be online less, use electric power less in order to save more money. This is called “aggressive movement to goals”.

Don’t feel sorry or odd about this, as many artists willingly starve, suffer thirst and live without the essentials because the only thing that matters is their art. Now, it will not be as horrifying as I stated, but it will be very close to it. You should ask yourself, could you do the same if it’s up to you and your goals? What are you willing to let go, throw out, stop doing, just to see your baby novel take breath?

Anyway, I would like to hear from you in the comments. Please tell me if there is some other way of pushing forward with the goals. What else can I do to get closer to those writers we love so much? Someone mentioned Pantheon, Go Fund Me and similar things, however these things are not present in third world countries as you think. Tell me about your life story and thorn made path you are moving on, because I would like to take that burden from your back and distribute it on mine, so we can all move together.

March on my brothers in Quill and stop for no obstacle in your journey. Stay strong and yield to no one. March! Let your pace echo to the distance announcing your arrival. March on!




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