Tune of Chaos


Drones overpassed the street, mecha-robots whirled their heavy guns, soldiers bravely ran forward while changing their magazines, everything was in fire and smoke. A grenade splashed in the car’s bottom, catapulting the 3 tons projectile at the business building, punching the hole in it, forcing the deadly glass rain on the sidewalk. Little sun’s radiated through the smelly air, bathing my sweaty face with unbearable heat. A line of explosive bullets smashed the neat sidewalk in a long pillars of dust, salting the our eyes with a impenetrable haze.

– Watch out! – sergeant screamed with a turn and then it happened.

Like in a slow motion, grenade detached from the wide barrel and started rotating mid-air. When it reached the small tree in the middle of the sidewalk, my eyes registered that Devil’s egg in flight. Instantly I started falling on the ground, my arms flying for the asphalt, when the projectile hit the wall and dispersed the brick pieces that knocked over my bulletproof vest. My grin facial expression densing more and more like I ate a lemon. High pitch noise clogged my ears as time went slow, then the symphony of sounds started rising in my head.

Dance of copper shells rang over the street, gun blasts beaten the drums, mechanical stretching pulsated in the combat-bot legs as he walked at us, electronic buzz of the drones sang their songs, angry grunts, shouts and yelling were taking deep growls and it all fought each other in the air. Time came back to me where commander voice lost and gained volume like a broken radio.

– RiSEE soLDier! WE HAve A WaR tO wIIN! – I heard shaking my head to clear the sounds, – COooMe GET SOOmeee!

– Eco command, drones in routhe. E.T.A. two minutes. Grab cover! – communicator turned bright in sound and that’s when I got up firing at the enemy “musicians”.




5 thoughts on “Tune of Chaos

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