Big dreams

I have never posted more than one answer on the Daily Prompt, but the hell with it. This got me inspired so here it is, provided to you, so you can get inspired too. Maybe this is not your “go to” genre of music, but it’s mine and gives me a lot of “drive” to write. Some of you already know I am cyberfreak, so dubstep is my genre that pours energy in me, and gives me vivid daydreams that almost feel like hallucinations. More than once I have found myself zone out in a world of battle androids, ooze like materials that form my villains, fire and guns blazing at the mechanical armies, fighter drones streaming at the foggy altitude where the peaks of the buildings present dangerous traps and a hero standing on top of the pile of dead soldiers while wind carries the smoke to the distant sunset where warm colors paint the sky. Poetic, I know.

So, for some wild reason if I ever reach the heights of many authors that shine among the others Gods that gave us Fiction and Fantasy, I imagine someone will consider making a movie based on my novel, and so, they will need some music to follow all of the blood and gore, power the glory and stir up some emotions which will make you stutter, search for oxygen and lose voice because there is something in your throat. It’s not sexual, so don’t go there… just yet. I present you THE most Motivational Mix I must play once a day. This is my happy pill.


Listen to it, or not… I ain’t your mother. If you do click on the video, enjoy and write my Brothers in Quill.


3 thoughts on “Big dreams

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