Blind shots

As I was walking the street, crumbs of concrete crackled under the heavy steps. Fog covered the buildings where their greyness came forward whenever I drifted away from my path. It was hard to see rusted car shells before me, even avoiding them was a careful task. Fear strangled the rifle in my hands where barks of hungry wild dogs broke the silence around me. I thought to carve up those mutts for food, but the gunfire made me still and wimps of the dogs got lost in an echo.

– Shit. – I thought and turned around, then moved aside to find cover.

It was too late, because a great red light blinked at me, dimmed by the thick haze. Exoskeleton will not provide me with efficient protection, not against the drone we hated the most. Bursts flashed in the distance and bullets started whistling above my head, raining like fire comets. I jumped behind the trashed car when holes appeared in them close to my head. Huge blast and a cloud of flames slowly petted the thin metal and left the characteristic black trace over it where air turned heavy from the scorched rust leaving the stench of it glued in my nose.

– Fucking Hiveborns! – I shouted loading my rifle and returning fire somewhere high in the air.

Drone glided left-right taking better firing position, then it switched to thermal optics and went in for the kill. I threw a grenade at the middle of the street to blur his camera and runned away, but the smart machine jumped up and rolled to the left where it started spitting its load. Building on my right got few more holes and then the blast punched me forward and covered me with the burning concrete parts from the wall.

– I should’ve stayed home. – I grunted lifting myself up, then the red light by a shade touched me.

It looked at my back, frisking my wardrobe, listing the weapons on me. I pushed away and rolled before the line of bullets that stitched through the asphalt. Crossair fell on the red dot in the air and flames went for it – breaking the damn thing. Drone fell with a familiar metal denting sound where whirling of the machine slowly abandoned the high tech can of bolts.

My exoskeleton got few more plates welded for the pipes that spoke in stretching sounds when I walked. My ammo compartment was full with brand new bullets and wires neatly rolled on the rifle. The rest I left smoking in black whiffs on the foggy street. I could whistle now without worries about wild dogs and drones.



By the way, I painted this. Also, this Daily Prompt topic is working in my benefit. Finally some useful word. Like this post… Or not, I ain’t your mother. Have a nice day y’all. ;D


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