Blog got it’s own mind

It doesn’t let me load pictures, it flashes red ribbons and keeps warning me like am a 3 year old. It went crazy, and it drags me with it. Will post something tomorrow. Damn thing will make me do something violent to someone. Stay cool y’all and have no worries about me… Sadly I have to miss the Daily Prompt and all.



4 thoughts on “Blog got it’s own mind

  1. 20 minutes passed and still won’t show me the edit window. I had the whole monolog about my substandard English level of language and all lined up for posting… And it won’t post, but a minute later there is a fresh post on the wall. What the Hell?!!! My blog is on drugs right now. Lucky him. Talking about substandard things that do happen. If someone sees this comment, please “like” it so I would know what the Hell is going on.

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