Her bed

Neon light passed the drapes, shifting into a red glow with a warm shade of orange. Night breeze played with her hair, obstructing the light flashing in the mirror she stood in front of. Sensual music came from beneath slowly ringing in my ears like whispers from the battle-command center. Shadows painted the wall in curvy specters of her body as she came close to the edge of the bed.

– Are you ready? – she asked so gentle, I just wished I was already inside her.

– My kind is always ready. – electronic voice sounded so absent emotions, hiding my real heart beat.

She entered the bed with a naked knee and fell on all fours with a sign. Hair naturally fell on her back and then her ivory neck stretched as she looked at me with her blue eyes seductively framed in the long eyelashes. My temperature indicator has shown me the rise in all of my body systems. Glad she didn’t noticed.

Her hands crawled towards me and her shoulders moved like in a tigress while hunting. I went silent when her face came right on the top of my forehead where a slow sigh of pleasure escaped her pouty lips, slightly opened to receive my tongue. Electricity buzzed upon her flesh with every touch I made, gliding down her curves and stopped at the thigh she placed on my side.

– I have never been with a cyborg before. – she giggled and scratched my chest with her hair and leaned over me.

– It is my duty to please you. – again my voice went so absent emotions which my customers were used to and paid good for it.

I didn’t enjoyed this, but alas this was the way to get the money for my children. Dila was probably working at the production line of the Hamatori factory, making more of me, more of combat cyborg parts that would get a human brain or those modern AI’s the state have made. Who could think about sex, when the combat cyborgs waged war for over ten years running? I was to be destroyed and recycled, but Dila saved me by giving me another duty of a house personal aid android.

This woman’s hands moved over my torso as she made circular motions on my extension while moaning and stuttering breaths. I see her eyes staring at my metallic face, but I imagine Dila’s eyes, this broad touches me, but I feel Dila’s hand – those half broken, dented palms my wife had. This bed feels like our bed, like her bed. I fuck this chick, but I lust for the only one woman out there – Dila.





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