Pirates of the One True Blue


– So, you don’t want to hire Ildocian warlord to help us? – I asked and the table went laughing in the smoky room where glasses hitted glasses.

– No. They are just more of a pest than the Zarian merchants. We will hire Konian Rockies, or Matocian street hoodlums. I’ve heard they are tough. – bearded captain said holding the table with both of his hands, staring at the wide map in the middle.

– Petrosian pirates will easily deal with those who have never been on the open see. You said it yourself, they are hoodlums, cutthroats, bandits, not an army trained for combat. We need Ildock. – I slammed my hand over the table, when Captain rose his thick eyebrows and shooted at me with anger in eyes.

– I said NOooo…. – his voice went deep and raspy which made all of us fall to silence and listen to the clinking glasses and metallic stretching of the bowl, – Gratna was many times in war with Ildock, and it will have many more in the future. Ildocians are not to be trusted. They plagued our crops, they flooded our silver mines with men in it, they sank many ships and butchered many villages. I will not send for their aid even if I am about to meet the Allfather Kotadar himself and all of his heads he uses to devour the flesh. I forbid you to call the Ildock.

– But that is why I want them, Cap. They are good at killing, and this way we can derail them to Pentos and their riches. They just might leave us for another, like a sailor’s wife. – I said with hope in my eyes and looked the others at the table who shared same logic with me but  were too afraid to admit.

– It sound like a plan, I just wish it was a good plan, then I might approve my son’s opinion. You are at sea for how long… a year? And you think you know how to fight pirates? You think you know how to sank ships and drown the illness of the One True Blue? – he gave me that old man’s look.

– No, I never said that. All I’m saying, if we don’t fight them, we summon those who will… And know how to sank ships, and how to fight pirates, and drown illness of our One True Blue home. – I spreaded my hands and somehow the silence approved my words.

Later that month we did send for the warlord on the coasts of the Ildocian harbour that was connected to a Ildocian vulcano, where our god Kotadar and Aramon slept. The fight went on for a year, then the sea went silent and Ildocians started raiding our ships, sinking our cargo barges and extorting our merchants. You can’t trust a mercenary, even if you pay him upfront. They made a pact with the Petrosian pirates and turned towards more bountiful target. They are the pest of this world. Now we fight Ildock and pirates that joined their forces together.





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