Who needs sleep anyway?

Uh, where to start? I am working as a night guard, so you can call me a “Crow” or whatever. The job is nice, the pay is 0K, it could be better, but meh… It’s a living. I have a german shepard issued to me. Her name’s Sara and she strangely behaves like a cat. She likes to get into my feet and bark like crazy when she smells something. We patrol together, eat together, rest our eyes together but rarely. The thing I am taking care of is an orchard outside of my village, so it is kinda close, like 30 minutes of walk. It’s nice to walk when the weather is sunny, hate it when it’s raining, but it’s a living. Nights are quiet, dull and long, however I enjoy watching the sunrise and sunsets – that’s a privilege.

Mornings are even worse. Because I live in the village, I have to work in the morning while the Sun is still low. Going baling, watering the tomatoes, taking out the weed in my potato collones, helping parents and grandparents, clean the rooms, dusting. So my night time starts after breakfast at the 10 o’clock. During the day I rarely sleep, because I am not used to sleep and I want to do something meaningful with my day. During the night I walk and when I can’t walk anymore I read, write, do the research for my novel, play with Sara.

 So, when do I sleep? Uh, it’s hard. I space out my two hours of shut eyes with five hours of activity. Does that helps you figure it out? Could you do that? I say: who needs sleep anyway?



(Sara. my K-9 unit)



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