Storming the gate


We had no intentions of attacking Zaria on a first day. Zarians learned how we fight through all these years, so they knew well they had just few more days to prepare. Our scout jets made overpass’s and took photos of fortification while evading the constant antiaircraft fire. Their plasma shields were up and buzzing with power giving the ill color of the sand walls. Bombardment was out of the question because we wanted the city intact, so we waited and thought of how should we pierce the bubble and rob them.

– Gate looks weak from this point. – lieutenant said scratching a week old beard.

– The barrier keeps it safe. The gate alone is not our problem. Two railgun rounds will bring it down and give us a road to the very center of the city, but the damn barrier… – I said hissing in torment.

– We go under the barrier. – lieutenant spoke again showing at the spot where plasma shield scorched the desert and danced with distortion.

– Maybe, but their towers are well armed with machineguns of high calibre. They will annihilate our auxiliary like nothing. If we did deep, that’s a lot of work and Zarians will see it. If we dig deep and long, they will find out what are we doing and flood the tunnel. If we dig close to the barrier we will burn in the turquoise fire the damn thing is made out of. – I looked at the gate and zoned out from the army’s ratchet noise behind my back.

Tank-cannons and battle wagons were taking defencive positions while soldiers made camp in the sand. I have brought 90 000 men with me, but now I think it’s not enough.

– Fire a platoon over the barrier. I want to see how it behaves under fire. – I said in a jiffy and approached my table, when lieutenant waved his hand down and sizzling sound of projectiles zoomed through the air leaving bluish smoke lingering about.

The barrier held the attack pretty well. Our missiles dropped all deformed and broken. It was like a tiger trying to break the turtle shell. Lieutenant waved again and the same thing happened. I saw Zarian guards on the wall laughing, showing us their naked ends and wavivng their flag like they won the war that has just begun.

– It’s not working sir. The barrier is to strong for our supersonic projectiles. Maybe we should dig under the walls. – he spoke, his eyes half shut from the burning Sundar that slowly glided in the sky.

– Maybe you should shut up, Aramon damn it! – I yelled and got back at my chair, – What energy does not stand? – I asked and looked at the idiotic face of the lieutenant, – Oh, my Aramon. Are you that stupid? The pulse barrier can’t stand more energy. We need to burn down their generators and then breach the walls. Wire the damn thing and power up all of our mobile electric conductors. I want to see it burn until the sunrise.

He did what I told him. We spent all night long watching the electricity sparking at the end of the rods we jammed in the sand, right in front of the barrier. After 5 hours the shield started shivering, radiating with power overload and ripping in small pieces where modular grenades could enter. Zarian army was on the move, running left and right on the top, aiming at the open spots, bringing the heavy artillery… But we sat still and waited.

Just before the sunrise, shield fell down and the generator somewhere inside the city coughed flames high into the air painting the whole desert in azure shade.

– Clip their tops. – I said and the tank-cannons buzzed away turning high towers into ruins.

Distortion of our projectiles swirled around the Zarian walls like a whore in the midnight, while the poor Zarian soldiers watched at us in fear of our charge. Noon passed and we were still sitting in the desert. Finally the Zarian Sultan realized we have the upper hand and he has decided to open the gate for us. I wish you could see the plunder we got from him.



(Morocco landscape)

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