Sugar rush


Zarian desert, year unknown. The old bedouin sat his orphans on the warm sand and started talking in front of his tent.

“Now, my children, my desert eagles, my sugarcanes. It is time for you to do what I’ve trained you for all this years.” – he made a pause and took the woolen bag, – “Who can tell me what you need to do?” – he smiled and looked all of his children.

“We need to go in a big city and beg for coins.” – the youngest said while the oldest of them was giving water to the hard-winged camels and angrily gazed at the group.

“No my child. Not today. Today… You will do the other thing I trained you for. Does anyone knows of what do I speak of?” – he kept smiling politely and looked at the children who were quiet, – “Oh, I see. You forgot, didn’t you?” – he giggled and petted two children on their head when all of them smiled, – “It is what you did with daggers you need to do.” – he finally spoke and the oldest shouted.

“You know I am better than all of them! I am the strongest and the fastest!” – he wanted to stomp his feet towards the bedouin, but camel was thirsty.

“Yes, yes I know. This is their task, not yours. You have camels to attend to.” – he swung his hand through the air and turned away.

“You will fail!” – he added, the bedouin turned, his lips packed a line and eyes radiated with fury, then the old man stood up and came to the boy.

Out of nowhere the slaps rained on the poor boy turning his head around as painful hits threw him in the sand.

“You are my only son. You think I care about these orphans? I bought them cheap, most of them I’ve found on the street. Ildock is two days away. This is all planned.” – he whispered and straightened his robe, – “Ildocians will butcher them like goats when they catch them, but first… The kids will carve a dozen of their women and children like they carved your mother and drew me out of my palace. I thought you to be smarter. Speak to me again like that and you’ll walk across the desert.” – his finger danced in the boys face as tears came running down the lad’s cheeks.

Bedouine walked to the group of younglings with a smile and opened hands to give them sugar, lollipops and candied Zarian dates before he launches the attack on Ildocian civilians.




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