Cyber Warfare


– So what happened? – the electronic voice from the computer spoke while I was fetching me a mug of tea.

– I don’t know man. He just broke into my files. The firewall looks intact. I ran the diagnostics and all, the temperature is optimal in all cores. He apparently wasn’t trying to destroy my machine. – I said sipping the tea, checking the statistic window, – No trojans found, no codes altered… Nothing.

– So, how do you know he was there? – it spoke again with a pause.

– He left me a message on the open chat from some rough forum profile. He knew my address and personal details. He even knew what was I doing this morning. My whole playlist from that day was in the chat. He definitely hacked me. – I said rubbing my eyes.

– The files, are they there? – he kept asking, but the sound made jumps changing the amplitude.

– Yes!… It’s all there. Five guys are monitoring the server like bloodhounds. I don’t have an idea of how he passed them. Something is wrong. Someone let him in.

– Well, you fucked up big time. CIA will not be happy with this. NSA will send an agent to your little mountain hut. Try to scout the parameter around your compound and find some tire tracks. You didn’t let your WiFi unprotected, did you? – sound shifted in a girly way, then it got back to the manly deep.

– It is protected I swear. He could break the access only if he attacked the satellite, but that is science fiction man. He would need a team to breach into that can. No way.

– He did something. Check the file again.

– What file? – I asked but he didn’t answer, – You mean THE FILE? – I asked again and there was silence.

My fingers got to work, opened the secure connection, typed in the two part password in key generator and green light have granted me entrance. Numbers and DoD logo welcomed me, then the files listed on a long bar running down to the search ribbon. Few more letters and monitor showed me the wanted folder. Double click on the sign and the folder opened.

– Ooo my Goood! He took it! He took it all! No! No! No! Noooo! Motherfucker! Aaaa God damn motherfuckin’ Russians. FUUUUCK! – my screams dimmed the electronic voice that questioned me, then the mug flew into the wall.

– I repeat, did he took the files? Simon, did he took the files? – I finally heard the sergeant, but kept thinking of what am I going to do.

– Yes! – I bit my lip and moved the imaginative cold spider web from my face that pinched my skin, – He took all of it. – I’ve let my hand hang freely knowing I will have to face the court of justice for this, – It’s disastrous. He has the launch codes for “Shadow Cobra”. Damn it. I didn’t want this to happen. You should check with the Global Five that watched the server. It wasn’t my fault! Do you hear me?! It wasn’t me! Sergeant?! Are you there?! – I talked into the monitor, but he didn’t reply.

I walked out of the lodge and took a stroll towards the creek. I hoped the water will wash away my sins with the spilled blood. The Glock locked the bullet while the water rumored at my knees. It was peaceful and silent, then the cruise missile whistled before hitting the wooden house I called office. The shock wave threw me off balance and got me submerged in the creek. When I rose, the fire made it way towards the forest magnifying the disastrous inferno.



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