The Konian march


After the wave of scouts jumping down from the cliffs, running down hill into the tundra, the main force followed. King almost never had to go down from the Eternal Mountains, but now – he craved to climb off of his castle and take a stroll. His throne of pure iron rocks was left cold to gather ice and to welcome the snow which covered the dead bodies of his family. His generals trembled from the wrath that consumed their King. They had utmost admiration for the man who have just repealed the Ildocians to the back they came from.

He stepped on the marshy soil and gasped while the rest of his army was entering the field. Eyes filled with fire spectated the ruins of what the Ildocian army have left for him, knowing he will not forgive the violence. Smart Ildocians burnt the crops, set forests ablaze so the wildlife will migrate to more fertile grounds. They wiped out the colors of green, red and orange and left us to feast on rocks and coal. The blackened field of ash was hitting the horizon telling us that many will die in rout.

– Sire. We made preparations for the march, but it will run out in a couple of weeks. Ildocian caravans are months ahead of us. We can not reach them in time. Their army is already home Sire. We should wait for a winter to pass, take more grain, meat and water. Our Warclads shouldn’t die out of thirst nor hunger. They should get iron death, the death of men. – I said bowing my head at the last word, when the King kneeled down and took a handful of ash.

– Ash brings better soil for crops. This next year’s harvest will provide enough food to stand an army. Ildocians take, never give, but that’s why they know nothing of the land they soiled with blood. Let our farmers, stone masons, miners and their wives come down too. Let them build a town leaning over the steepest cliffs, let them mount the hills with towers and let them spread rock around it all. Plant the land, nurture it for the next generations. We men… We will go give the Ildock King for what he deserves. – the King spoke as he forgot the shiny blades that stilled the cries of his daughters and sons.

– You would let our proud people to live here? That is an insult to those who live in the tops, gaze down onto all the other cities. It is beneath them to farm the land Sire. They won’t do it. – I continued, but the King looked at me ready to draw sword.

– I just lost all of my family! They will do as I command or die trying! This is our land too they burnt, not just rocks, not just snow on the Eternal Brothers cusps, not the ice on the north side of our home… This is our land too!… And they burnt it all!… Order the full march. Tell the scouts to drift to the villages and gather some supplies, but not to take it all. I wish no peasant harmed in the process. The march of Rock Giants is on.

The whole side of the mountain was covered with soldier following the thigh pass, coming down from their huts, castles and caves. Soon the ash plain got 150 000 grey giant horde marching towards the black gates of Ildock, carrying the two years saved wrath with them. Just when we stepped out from the tundra and entered the Zarain desert, caravans with food and water awaited us, as was the Zarian Sultan and the emissary from the harbour city of Matock and ambassador of the trading city of Gratna. They had about a half of our troops all ready to put Ildock on a siege. This time, death comes for Ildock.




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