Two dumb kids


Matocian coast was filled with a lot of tourists this evening. Stores were full, the cafe needed an extra table for a couple that waited the long thirty minutes by the bar, the sidewalks were crawled with happy people in summer clothes. Wind came from the shore, a gentle, light and cold breeze with vacation aroma in air. Sun was peeking behind the icy water horizon that slightly danced. Salesmen shouts lured the customers to buy freshly fried fish in white wine, while music made happy girls dance in their short skirts and laugh with their boyfriends. Everyday was a holiday in Matoc, but only at the coast.

The inland, a center of Matoc was a grim place with a lot of crime and drug dealers. Tourists regularly disappeared into those dark streets where gangs ruled the blocks and carved their bodies into pieces. I lived there, so I knowed all the tricks. Vasat Magantaya and I, drove down to the coast to search for fresh targets, so we sat in the corner and watched for a wealthy gal, or some popular guy who freely spent his fathers money. I wanted to bring one of the whores to trap the victim, but Vasat was against that. He wanted a thrill, he wanted a risk and that adrenalin jump, not to playing safe and easy money.

– What about her? – I pointed at the thin girl that had her nipples showing through the light shirt, but Vasat nodded away.

– No. Easy target. Besides, she has a bodyguard tailing her. See that guy that look the shop window. He moves when she moves. Probably some rich bitch with a nasty shopping itch.

– What about her? – I asked again, extending my cigarette toward a girl that sat on the fence and read the book.

– No. – he said, then a blue uniform passed the crowd and grabbed a robber that just sneaked his hand into the granny’s purse, – Him. Let’s go. – he jumped to his feet and moved, but stopped in place when I took his hand.

– Dude, that’s a cop. Are you crazy? They’ll send a patrol to chase us. My car is not a speedster. – I whispered, Vasat grinned and pulled his hand away, then he stomped toward the officer.

Crowd thickened to see the action where Vasat slowly started to make his way closer to the scene. His skillful hands roamed the crowd, taking all sorts of things, like: wallets, money, hologram phones, drone-cameras, I-links and a handful of coins. He entered a cleared space around the officer that was slapping and kicking the orphan. Coins flew towards the officer and he pulled his hands up to deflect them, then the blade hit the officer’s stomach. His vest pumped up and hardened where the knife have hitted, which just made the big guy mad. One hand after the other fell smashing the Vasat’s neck, head and shoulder until my friend was down on the ground, bloodied by wide hands of the officer. Just when I wanted to run with my loot, I bounced off from the other policeman that watched me stealing. He grabbed my shirt, but it tore apart and I started to run tripping over the crowd that shouted at me.

“Dumb Vasat and his moxie rush!” I thought while searching the empty spots where I could slither through.

– Stop right there! MSP! (Matocian Special Police) – the strong shout thundered in the mass, when squealing of the tires and crackling of the pulse engine core parked in front of me and gave me a push.

Drone was hovering above me, lighting the street and the patrol car where couple in black uniforms got out of it and while laughing picked me up and threw me in the back seat.




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