Todays daily prompt sucks

Now, of course you ask: why? Can’t you find any thread of thought to connect this word “tailor” with the war environment and tailor us a short story?

Ha, ha – No, but a good pun thou. I mean, if I think hard enough, I just might FASION something, but the most genuine stuff comes from the get go. You are supposed to write the first thing that comes to mind and make it in a way to radiate with some emotion or message. Maybe I could’ve write about the factory where tailors make uniforms for soldiers and how he wishes to be out there making the change, or maybe not, because that doesn’t seem all that interesting, because I used to write about action, horror, suffering, pain and death. What action does a tailor get? Unintentional shortens the one sleeve and leave it that way as a practical joke on a marine, or just saws his skin for the fabric? GORE, I forgot to say I also write a lot of gore. Man, I got nothing. I’m just gonna pass this blog writing challenge… Wow, did I actually made a blog post? There you go, I TAILORED something.


Anyway, here is a picture of a kitten. Find me at Facebook



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