Hourly Hell Hail Hits


Wagon opened with a vibrant sound of the metal hinges slamming over the wooden frame.

– Everybody out! – whistle called for the disembarkation after the train stopped half covered with ice on the front end, – Get them boys! Get your glory! Get those Konian bald heads and ripped them apart! – conductor screamed while waving at the forest line hidden in the heavy mist.

I jumped in a deep snow and started running with the rest of my brothers toward the haze. Only me out of 5000 Ildocian infantrymen, looked around disoriented and confused, while they all shouted their battle cries storming the unknown terrain. No officers, nor generals followed us. Something was lining through the sharp cold air, slapping every cloud of steam I exhaled.

We reached the forest and their trunks so unevenly spaced. We ran. Some trees were chipped, broken branches snapped under the boots, icy crust ranged on the thick wooden pillars like little fairies drummed on them. The fog thickened even more when the forest grew before our eyes. We still ran weapons ready to shoot.

– Come on, lets kill them! – a soldier shouted.

“But, do we know they are here?” – I wondered still looking around. After few more steps I had to slow down as the snow was already hitting my knees. These trees were all scratched and chipped with bullet holes. First soldiers vanished from sight, last seen entering the mist. Shout, angry shouts of furious mob dimmed before me, then a bumble flew over me.

A hail of buzzes flew over while the shouts were still strong. “What is that?” – I looked up, then turquoise distortions started putting bars in the air, slowly falling down between the trees. I kept going forward, when a dented Ildocian helm looked at me from behind the tree where wind laid fresh snow. I reached for it, but it wouldn’t come out. Snow moved away from my yanking and pulling, showing me that the helmet was still strapped for the head of the dead soldier. It was a young Ildocian lad, barely twenty years old. The bullet went straight through his head. Soldier watched at me with empty eyes, his blue lips halfway opened had red blood on them – dead from this morning.

Strong bumbling sound broke the air and the rapid fire echoed in the distance, then the screams and cries joined the general noise. Distortion traveled a lot faster, breaching the ice quenched trunks, throwing the sharp pieces of ice in the soft snow. I headed back, covering my head and staying low, but I stopped to see the forest. From this angle the whole area revealed the battlefield and scattered helmets, sticking out of the snow just with their pointed tops.

– Oh, God. What is this? – I covered my mouth in disbelief and fell down behind the tree.

Buzzing, rumbling, rattling and vehicle groans reverberated in the fog, moving towards me. I had to move. My legs reacted automatically and started gaining distance while vapor cloud stayed behind my back, merging with the haze. “Run, run you fool” – I spoke to myself not even looking the bald Konian soldier holding his rifle pointed at me. He felt no cold, this was his home. A bald, tall and skinny guy seemed like giant in my eyes, but my gun flated him out. I took his clothes to get warm and covered his body with the snow.

Hours passed, just like the Konian huntsmen passed me. I was lucky to find a big pile of snow and hide there, wait for the storm to end. Waves after waves of Ildocian troops charged the forest, but I remained hidden. It happened every hour. Every hour a hell hail bumbled above my head, hitting the tree I was hiding behind.



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