Death from above


Just cold and rocks were around us, maybe few dried plants and some ice on their trunks that winds glued on them. Inak Nog Loya panted as he crawled the steep edge showing us to form a line on his right side. We listened.

After few moments of taking breath and hiding our faces in warm cloths, we reached the very cusp where we could see the hollow rim in the bottom of the mountain. It stretched for kilometres in curves, so the Sun lit the other side of the mountain range where sides were deeply gritted with snow caps on top. My visor showed me the dotted soldiers on the other side of the mountain range with their gear hanging freely from their thick clothes. I laid my hand forward to move closer when the rock broke and rolled away from the cliff. The strong hand fell on me and pulled me back.

– Are you mad? You want them to see us? – Inak whispered like the army beneath could hear us, – You’ll spoil the surprise. – he added going through his pockets.

*Shhh… We are at the position. 1200 metres from the sea level. South side of the rim. We are awaiting for your commands. – one of the soldier sounded off in coms and gave us an affirmative sign.

– Good. Now wait there and keep your mouth shut. – Inak said and turned around to see where are his men at.

There were seven of us close to him. My eyes fell down to the grained bottom, where Zarian helmets walked the surface. They looked like ants searching for food, but it wasn’t like it. Zarian Sultan ordered a cunning misdirection of his troops, but he dragged them into the rim, where radio wasn’t any useful. We, however, were in the higher altitude, so we had some reception. All the poor Zarians could use now were mobile communications and use them just for the battalion conversation, nothing more.

Inak Nog Loya was a grit kind of a guy, very stern and unbowed to surrender. Sometimes I think he greeted the frey, embraced it with both hands and spin with it. All of us that followed him were hand picked from other companies, because we seemed trustworthy. From the time he made us his “Pack of Ildocian Wolfs”, we had no complaints to him, nor we were brave enough to speak them.

– South, get ready for battle. We will turn them around for you. Aim for the green banners, they are their leaders.

Communicator clicked in a rapid affirmation from all the sides where we had our snipers deployed. Air went heavy with anticipation for the first blasts.

– Hit it! – Inak roared when the front of the Zarian army shook from the tremor hailing from the ground.

Dozen self propelled drones rose up shaking the dirt from their bulky arms that elevated the long guns and dropped to aline with Zarian flesh.

– Lackmatas! – Zarain scout screamed, but fell silent when the machine gun blasted his face off.

Those skillful veterans jumped for cover when our snipers came in decimating their ranks. My scope was fixed on the runners and radio controllers that hid behind the rocks. The middle of the Zarian troops opened up for a second wave of drones that came in hot, pushing their movement in disordered pattern. The bottom of the rim wasn’t so gritted after our airborne drones laid a massive carpet bombs and turned them into a coal type puzzle. It was beautiful. Sun just passed the ridge, avalanche rolled down from the dark blue cliffs and covered the Zarian army leaving only the particles of snow mixing with the smoke and scent of barbecue.




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