Deadly games

Levant region, Syria, outside of Aleppo, backside of the houses and under the platinum hill, my platoon ran into an ambush. Fire came from the city side, somewhere in the darkness of the window – a sniper was hunting us down. We were lucky to trip over the brick wall and find some shelter from the raging fire. I still heard the sniper from a far. His bullets crippled the edges of the wall and the wind blew the dust in our direction so we couldn’t see straight.

– Сука… – Sergei grunted through his teeth, – Вызов базы. (call the base) Поиск воздушного удара. (ask for an air strike) – he continued with a deep voice and spit on the ground.

– Я уже назвал их. (I already called them) Он не придет в течение двух часов. (They can’t come for two hours) – I said moving my helmet aside to grab the phone and wiped the sweat off of my forehead.

Vitali, Yuri, Sasha and Vladimir sat still, waiting for the commands. They were panting, checking their gear and drank water, when Sasha, the idiot in the chalk, stepped forward while hiding behind the wall.

– Что вы делаете? (what are you doing) – Sergei asked with a long face and a broken eyebrow while Sasha leaned away from the cover and grabbed a stick.

– Игра в дурака. (I’m playing with the fool) – he said and unbuckled his helmet, then he took his scarf off and wrapped it at one end.

He fixed the helmet onto the scarf and tighten it firmly. He came close to us, took a squat and slowly started to rise his toy. Smile wasn’t leaving his freshly tanned face and the blue eyes turned slant from the Sun. *kooh-ooh-hhh the shot echoed. *kooh-ooh-hhh another echoed, then the dust rose few metres away from Sasha.

– Генштаб сообщить вам за это. (I will report you to the Headquarters for this) – Sergei said making his mouth in a thin line and turned to see others giggling while covering their mouths.

– Владимир Владимирович, конечно, объявить вас Героем Российской Федерации. (Vladimir Vladimirovic will surely proclaim you as a Hero of Russian Federation) – Sasha capered, then the shot hit the helmet and punched a small hole in it, – Посмотрите на отверстие. Шакал уничтожить мой шлем. (look at the hole. the jackal has destroyed my helmet) – Sasha giggled while making funny faces, when my radio sounded off with the voice of a pilot entering the area.

– Может быть, я должен ударить вас в голове. (maybe I should hit you on the head) – Sergei spoke, when Sasha shrugged his shoulders and capered towards us when a bullet buzzed close to his head and rose the dust behind him.

– Ебать дурак, идиот, я не могу поверить, сколько шлюху. (fuck the fool, idiot, I can’t believe how much of a jerk you are) – Vitali, Vladimir and Yuri slapped the high fives and laughed, while Sergei boiled with anger.

He couldn’t control these youngsters, neither hold them away from the occasional playing, because the war was bringing up the most suppressed feelings and they all needed laughter. He slapped the Sasha around, when we got back to the base and yelled at him. He made us listen for what he was doing to Sasha, then one by one we walked in to receive our punishment.


A pro-Russian man holds a Russian flag behind an armed servicemen on top of a Russian army vehicle outside a Ukrainian border guard post in the Crimean town of Balaclava


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