Clan of the Turquoise Forest


Once again the young Lord fell into the fine dust and took a mouthful of sand. A giant more dark than the Zarian bedouin stood high above my master and swinged his long spear in the air, celebrating the premature victory over a foreigner that laid beneath him. I leaned toward the Lord, jerking the chains on my hands.

– Melord. Please forfeit the combat. He is too strong. – I begged the young Lord, but he just smiled at me.

– Ildocians only know how to fight. This is the only way to win them to my side and forge an army.

– Please save your life. Your father was butchered by his friends and they took your crown. Stay alive for your mother and sisters that are wed for the Lords who have no right to bare a wolf’s cloak. Think of my life if not yours. Please Sire. – I pleaded him to stay on the ground, but he rose up and ran for his double edged blade.

Seeing he doesn’t listens for what I speak, I pulled the chains stronger and bled my arms, but the iron stayed firm in the ground. Crowd cheered on the steep cliffs where waterfall rumored with a gentle foam rising from the bedrock. As Master ran, a cloud of dust followed him like the stench stalks the corps. The giant turned around and threw his long spear at my Lord, cutting his way. He missed the Lord’s gilded armor and made a scratch on his black shoulder plate. Master giggled and took out the spear, then he threw it away and grabbed the sword. One of the tribal guard gave another spear to the champion and he started catching breath, speeding toward the small man in a black cancun. Master parried the first strike and deflected the spear to the side when he plunged his iron fist in the savages stomach. The tall black man screamed in rage and swung the spear again launching my Lord back to dust. Blood oozed from the pale Lord’s mouth and then the lad saw he might lose this fight. Spear missed him again when he moved to wipe his face and looked at the shadow of a giant that came from the air. His metal on the back ranged in a dull tone of the raining fists that started bending the armor. Master turned with the sword in hand and decapitated the giant close to the reach. Head fell off and a stream of blood splattered the dark breastplate.

Crowd started to moan and roar, bash their weapons over the rocks, demanding the foreigners death. My head fell down in fear of the savages around us, when their Chieftain stood up and waved his hand. He looked at the center of the field where our Lord moved in pain surrounded by a dozen headless giants that spilled their blood in a circle. Finally the pale lad found his feet on the ground and a sword shining from the sunset. Silence took the moment where heavy breaths and angry stares of the Lord roamed around the cliffs.

– Ilk asha tek darrna. Shek asha tek urto nerma tek darrna! Shek darrna! – the Chieftain spoke pointing his power spear at my master.

A boy came to me and unlocked my chains, then the master approached me holding his back. I looked at his face and bloody trails that pictured some pattern. It was odd and awe worthy.

– You won Sire! You won! – I smiled and hugged his legs like a midnight whore, when he patted my head and signed.

– These savages know how to put up a fight I’ll give ’em that. We just might forge an army out of this lot, only if you forge them a proper blades and armors. – he smiled from above, – I’m glad I befriended a weaponsmith instead a drunken Lord or something. I can’t sail with my own colors home, but maybe we can fashion something appropriate. This people bow to the forest and live in a turquoise shores. Does a Clan of Turquoise Forest sound anywhere near a royal banner name? – he asked like he could see the future.

– Sounds the way you wanted to sound, Milord. It is far better than the Clan of Smelly Shits Stains. – I added, but laugher remained absent.



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