Mysterious figure


All I know was, we had to take him with us. They told us nothing about the passenger, just that he is important somehow. Ship was ready to take off from the platform and so I smashed on the button and the doors started sizzling then it pounded sharply on the metal frame.

– Alright. Let’s move. We wasted enough time here. Zaria will be soon on the move, and we don’t want their scouts running us down in deep space. – I said strapping in my seat, when guards around hooded passenger laughed and smirked at me.

– You don’t know of what do you speak of. Zaria will not trouble us where are we going. You should be worrying about shapeshifting drones they’ll send after us. – the tall and pale one said chewing his ration.

– Drones, you say? Why would they send their battle machines on us? We are going back to our quadrant, not theirs. That’s a prisoner right? – my eyebrow broke while the eye searched for a face beneath the cloak.

– You are far from truth. This is more important than a simple prisoner. This is the Royalty. – other man spoke running his hand against a week old beard.

– So it is a fancy prisoner? That’s what he is, a prisoner. – I waved my hand away.

– It is more. It’s she, and she is your new Queen. She betrayed her kind for ours, but our King doesn’t deal with traitors. She will wed our Lord and then, we will remove her from his presence, forever. – smiles lingered on them while my slowly turned to sadness.

Ruthless is our King, but a King nevertheless. Princess Aklina was a renowned beauty that dislikes the war. She openly argued with her brother to stop the butchering of his men by attacking our positions and systems, but he didn’t listen. She probably escaped him in the night and ran away in protest. Foolish girl probably thought she would stop the war if she throws herself to us and force her brother to set a deal with the Ildock. The only thing this passenger will achieve is giving the Ildocian King the right on land she holds and spread our poison faster through the galaxy.




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