It’s complicated

Most people change the channel, switch to something funny and it is understandable. Normal people tend to behave that way, so maybe I’m not normal. It might be some sort of social deviance or similar.

When I log in, turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper, I turn the pages until I reach the morbid chronicles, black pages with small letters and grim titles that spike chill in spine, twist guts and choke me. Sounds ill. I don’t like what it says, but it calls me to see the last night horrible events like a magnet. I know why I read it. It makes me wonder: Why are people doing this? Who in their right mind would do such a thing? Another terrorist attack, really?

People around the world suffer and we change the channel, not even interested in what is happening to them. At least we could witness to their pain and remember their faces.




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