Terror Intolerant

I have waited for a few days before deciding to write my mind, as there are jumpy people, looking for blood. Violence is never a good thing and I have never supported it, therefor I am against terrorism. Even I am against terror, I am not a supporter of killing the “terrorists”, because the violence against terrorists will just inflame more passionate fanatics to join their cause, ergo – more terrorists. Yes, I know we need to defend ourselves from them, but are we fighting them on the terrain where we can win? I mean, we should try to pacify them in other ways, rather than shooting the whole bunch of them. Maybe challenge their violent ideology, not irritate them with our presence in what is their country, encourage the Islamic society to actively preach peace to the infuriated fanatics and show them the way to build functional society. I kinda understand why are they doing this guerrilla warfare. If you think about it, it’s very simple. All the terrorist want is vengeance against foreign troops (foreign from their perspective) that have invaded their country and start to meddle in a civil war between two domestic sides. One mans terrorists is another mans freedom fighter, right – or am I that dumb to think that way? Would you feel the same way – if lets say, someone more powerful than you starts dealing justice in your country instead of your own government?

I assume it all started with a cultural misunderstanding. Think of a random Islamic country, a rural area where the justice is being done by the chieftain or some other headman, and add a western soldier in that situation, that knows nothing about those people. The soldier has its commands to keep the village safe and he does that. Something bad happens, as usually does, maybe a blood oath has been committed and that is a form of justice for the tribesmen. The soldier sees for what he thinks is a crime in civilized world and shoots the armed vigilante. What happens next? He just killed a man, which is an insult to the dead mans family. Now, the family needs to restore its honor by returning fire, avenging the death of tribe/clan member. Blood can be repaid only by blood. You know the saying “tooth for a tooth”. The soldier has just made himself a new target, and the western country will not allow the tribe to kill one of their own, as that is not justice by our western standards. How is family going to react on that? If there are more of these cultural differences and they start pilling up, the more people will react and people do talk one to another. You fill ones ear with horrifying stories about some foreign soldiers getting away with murder, he will soon develop hate for the forces that said they are here to help. Hate turns to rage, rage make people do dumb things, people react even more and slowly the terrorism becomes an answer. Blow them up, kill them without mercy, make them leave this place, but western soldiers want to avenge their fallen brother, so they develop hate for the people they are suppose to protect, hate turns into rage and people do dumb stuff when angry. There you go, a wheel of doom, rolling over the dead.

On Ramadan, the Islamic holiday, a British woman ran her car into the crowd of worshipers in front of a mosque. Was that vengeance for the Manchester or did she acted on some other reasons? Did one of her family member sadly died in some random Islamic country, or was he the casualty of terrorism? Is this what we call “fighting fire with fire”? Isn’t it ironic, for someone in the civilized society, to have actually think that this is the right way to end terrorism? What will be the Islamic fanatics reaction on this? Will they use this as recruiting material, show it to young and still ignorant men saying: “This is what the “west” has for you! Our sisters and brothers ran from their guns in here, just to end up under their wheels like a stupid sheep in middle of the road?”. They could be saying all sort of things, even lie about it, just to gain more soldiers to fight the “invaders”. Is this an evolution of terrorism that spreads across the religions, or is it just an act of violence?

I have no answers, but I surely know that terrorism isn’t the answer. I pray for all that have lost somebody due to the violence of others. What do you think? What should we do to stop it before its too late to do anything?



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